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Based in Russia and Ukraine

Release date:
5 March 2019

PC / Mac / Linux / Nintendo Switch


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12 is Better Than 6 is a dynamic top-down shooter with stealth elements, presented in a Wild West theme. The story puts you in the shoes of escaped slave fleeing to the United States in 1873.


Ink Stains Games was founded in 2015. We successfully Kickstarted and launched our first project, 12 Is Better Than 6, in 2015. We are a small team from Russia and we are currently working on Stoneshard.


  • Deadly gunfights. You’ll need to cock the revolver with one trigger before being able to shoot by pressing another trigger. One false move and you’ll be overrun in an instant.
  • Authentic weapons. Winchesters, double-barreled guns, revolvers and Gatling guns will gladly help you to destroy all of the gringos. By the way, we have a RAT with dynamite
  • An enthralling story. Live through the journey of an escaped Mexican prisoner fighting for survival and freedom in the 1870's in the United States
  • Choose your style. You can choose to take a more stealthy approach to surprise your enemies, or even just sneak straight past them
  • A splendid art style. The game is drawn by hand with pen and paper to create an interesting visual experience
  • Setting. Real places and towns, the spirit of the desert and the most desperate bandidos of the district will help you to plunge into the breathing and cruel world of the Wild West
  • Upgrades. You'll find breastplates that will have a 50% chance to deflect some bullets, a fast recharging skill that will allow the hero to insert 2 bullets at once, extreme accuracy (less spread for your shots), being able to kill an enemy in stealth without attracting the unwanted attention of his friends, and more!


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About Ink Stains games

Ink Stains Games is an independent video game developer. We're a group of like-minded friends who've always had a passion for complex, challenging video games. Over time, we decided that it was up to us to create games of our dreams: the result is 12 is Better Than 6 and Stoneshard.

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12 is Better Than 6 Credits

Michail Barkov
Level Designer, Narrative Designer

Anton Grischenko
Software Engineer

Dmitry Stupnikov
Software Engineer

Kirill Akimov
Sound Designer

Denis Momotov



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