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The level of your character's Intoxication. It's a common side effect of alcohol, drugs, certain herbs and medicaments.

When reaching 25%, 50% and 75%, it produces a negative effect.

Disambig.png This article is about an Attribute. For the corresponding Condition, see Intoxication (Condition).

Intoxication is one of the Attributes of character's Health System. When reaching certain levels, it produces the following negative effects:

Ways of changing Intoxication

You can increase Intoxication level with: Ether Inhaler, Food poisoning, Herbal Essence, Lively Essence, all Potions, Soporific Sponge, Wine.

You can decrease Intoxication level with: Antidote, Antitoxin, Antivenom, Bloodletting Lancet, Nausea, Potion of Antivenom, Waterskin.

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