Staffs Treatise I

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Staffs Treatise I
Written by an unknown author
"The Jolly Adventures of Brother Jodar"

Allows you to learn the following staff abilities:

Cheerful, spirited, and cunning, Brother Jodar is one of the most well-known Aldorian folk heroes. He is shrouded in hundreds of tales and rumors, and if at least a tenth of them is true, then Brother Jodar is truly unrivaled in his wit and ingenuity.

Staffs Treatise I


The Jolly Adventures of Brother Jodar


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Book content

( . . . )

One day Brother Jodar was on his way from the village fair where he had spent a week carousing. His head was buzzing from wine, and his belly was filled to the brim with rustic delicacies.

The snaking road led him to a dark forest. The intertwining spruce branches above his head were blocking the starlight, he could barely see where he was going... Suddenly a burly man stepped out from behind the trees, blocking the path ahead. In his hands - a heavy club...

Brother Jodar grabbed his staff tightly, took a step back, and addressed the big fellow:

"Well hello! Didn't expect to run into another vagabond like me at this hour. I heard it's not safe to wander this road so late in the night".

The fellow, who himself was a bandit, opened his mouth in surprise, but before he could say anything, Brother Jodar proceeded with his speech:

"The name's Brother Jodar, and I am a monk. I bring the word and the blessing of the Host to all those who've been wronged and abused. If you kneel right now, I'll blew you as well".

The fellow hesitated, but Brother Jodar looked at him with such fatherly kindness, that he gave in. The moment he got on his knees, the monk raised his staff... and smacked the villain at the back of the head with all his might. The thug tried to dodge the strikes, but to no avail - Brother Jodar was relentless in his fury. The thug tried to grab his club, but instead got smacked three more times on the nape of his neck, so he made a run for it, cowering from hits.

"Take this, and that!.. Where are you going? I only gave you a blessing for good health... How about one more for good fortune? Or maybe a blessing for a happy marriage?"

( . . . )

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