Staffs Treatise II

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Staffs Treatise II
Written by Brother Mirvan
"Advice to Pilgrim"

Allows you to learn the following staff abilities:

Pilgrims can still be encountered on the roads of Aldor, although infrequently. Their knapsacks hold a dozen crowns, a measly supply of provision, a clean shirt, and this book.

Staffs Treatise II


Advice to Pilgrim


Teaches :

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Book content

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The greatest weapon of each Aldorian pilgrim is most certainly their unshakable faith in the Host and the Path which they prepared for all of us. And yet, there are many situations in life when we have to stand up for ourselves instead of hoping for divine intervention. Your trusty staff, that has likely been accompanying you during your miles-long journeys between the holy sites of Aldor, can definitely help you with this task.

You have to keep in mind that your staff is not just a walking stick, but it also isn't a weapon in the full sense of the word. You'll most likely fail to deal the same damage to your opponent, be it an ambushing bandit or an orc, as you would do with, say, a sword. The staff's advantage is the ease of learning, as well as an abundance of moves you can perform with it, some of which I'll explain in detail below. Sometimes instead of trying to kill your enemy outright, it's better to daze or confuse them, knock a weapon out of their hands. In other words - buy yourself some time to make a run for it, rather than sticking around for an unfair fight...

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