Staffs Treatise III

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Staffs Treatise III
Written by Ee-Tai
"The Nine Virtues: the Path to Unity"

Allows you to learn the following staff abilities:

One of the sacred texts of the Followers of the Path - a small monastic order which settled somewhere in the mountains of the Maafian Empire. They are known as skillful, fearless warriors - not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of monks.

Staffs Treatise III


The Nine Virtues: the Path to Unity.


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The staff is akin to the Path - it's straight and unassuming at first glance but it holds many intricacies, which are impossible to grasp with a limited mind. The staff doesn't yield its secrets to those who are impatient, arrogant, cowardly, or corrupted with affluence - only those who understand the essence of things can hope to unlock its potential.

To learn the staff you need to understand three principles:

- All desires must be reined in. All thoughts must serve the Great Goal - Emotions lead you astray from the Path and therefore they lead you to ruin - The staff is not just your weapon. It's a continuation of your very self.

And remember, that blindly performing the techniques and learning the motions won't teach you the most important thing - the Unity, the greatest of the Nine Virtues.

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