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  • 毫无察觉
  • 怀疑
  • 敌意


毫无察觉 NPC会继续做自己的事情,四处走动、坐在火边、站住不动或者守护他们的地盘……只要你不进入他们的视野、不产生声响且你的攻击没命中他们,他们就始终都是毫无察觉的状态。

怀疑 NPC会停下正常行动,转而向他们最后看到或听到你的位置移动。他们在移动的过程中会保持怀疑的状态,直到发现你或者被你的攻击或能力击中,然后就会产生敌意。如果他们没找到你,而且一段时间之内没有再次警觉,最终就会恢复毫无察觉的状态。


敌意 NPCs will move and attack you with melee or ranged attacks, spells and they will use their Skills to charge at you and kill you. They will remain Hostile until killed, or until you manage to run out of their Vision, which will make them switch back to the Suspicious state.

There are exceptions to this behavior. For example, if some Suspicious or Hostile NPCs see other NPCs that they would like to fight, they might choose to ignore you and go fight other NPCs instead (for example Bandits vs. Wolves).


These actions generate noise:

  • Shouting
  • Combat
  • Breaking objects
  • Throwing items
  • Attacking
  • Using Skills
  • Killing Enemies

This list is incomplete. You can help Stoneshard wiki by expanding it.

The items you wear can change the amount of Noise Produced. The more Noise you produce, the higher is the chance that an enemy will raise their Alertness state from Unaware to Suspicious and come search for you. In addition, some actions seem to always produce Noise, regardless of the items you wear. These are:

  • Breaking crates, doors and barrels
  • Killing enemies (but not attacking them - need confirmation)
  • Shouting

This mechanic also allows you to lure enemies into favorable terrain or narrow passages to gain an advantage for battle.

Noise Amount

TBA how much noise is generated by each action, needs research


Stealth is a mechanic which allows you to stay invisible to Enemies while performing actions in their Vision range. Stealthy players may be able to approach enemies without alerting them, this is currently useful for performing Backstabs. Stealth mechanic is closely tied to the Stealth attribute and the Stealth Mode, but the Stealth Mode is not yet in the game.

A knight in full plate is much more likely to be spotted than a rogue wearing a dark cloak and leather boots. Stealth attribute affects this chance. Enemies can only spot you when you stand within their Vision range. Stealth will be subject to changes according to the Development roadmap. Enemies' detection ability also varies, as some enemies are able to spot you from several tiles away, while others need to come really close before becoming Hostile. Hiding behind trees and corners also seems to help avoid being detected, but again the specifics are currently unknown.

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