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Skills represent various abilities used in Stoneshard. Currently only players and enemies are able to use skills. Some enemies (mainly humanoids) can use the same skills as the player, but most of them have their own specific skill set, which isn't available to the player.

Skill Types

Skills can be active or passive.
Active skills need to be used before their main effect happens. Most active skills cost Energy to use and have a Cooldown before they can be used again.
Passive skills always apply their bonuses.

Skill Effects

  • Some skills have instant effect (like Examine Surroundings).
  • Some skills require a target to be used on, usually attack skills.
  • Some skills can be used on an empty tile (like Fire Barrage).
  • Some skills affect multiple tiles, these are called Area of Effect (AoE) skills.
  • Some skills affect only the user (like Taking Aim), and some skills affect only the enemies of the user (like Rune of Enfeeblement).
  • Some skills cost Energy every turn until they are deactivated (Runic Boulder).
  • Some skills change how other skills work (Rune of Fortifying) or add additional effects to other skills (Rune of Binding).
  • Finally, certain skills have requirements before they can be used.
    For example, skills from any Weapon tree require that you are wielding that Weapon type before you can use these skills (Swords, Bows, ..).

Stances and Tactics

A special mention goes to the Stance Training from Combat Mastery. It also changes how other skills work, but it affects skills outside of the Combat Mastery tree, and depending on which Tactic you have active, your Stance skills will work differently.

Tactic skills are as follows:

  • Offensive Tactic
  • Defensive Tactic
  • You can only have ONE tactic active at any time.
  • Activating a Tactic skill will overwrite any previous Tactic skill you had active.

Stance skills are as follows:

Player skills

Player skills are abilities that your character has learned. When you level up, you gain Skill Points which represent the time your character spent in order to learn a certain skill. Skill points can be spent in order to learn the skills you choose. Before you can learn a skill, the skill needs to be unlocked first, this represents the need to find out about a certain skill or move first. Locked skills are faded out and show a small lock icon over the skill icon. Your character will start with some skills already unlocked, but most skills will be locked. You need to find and read Treatises or invest in Attributes to unlock new skills.

image of all skill trees

Skills are divided into different skill trees. A skill tree consists of different amount of skills, which are connected by lines. When you have unlocked skills in a skill tree, you can only spend Skill points into the skills at the very top (sometimes called Tier 1). Lower placed skills will be faded out, and you won't be able to put skill points into them. When you spend Skill points into a Skill at the very top, any other skills that are connected by lines to this skill will light up. In order to spend Skill points into the lowest placed skills, you might have to spend several skill points into different skills first.

  • Spear Skill tree with no skills learned (1)
  • Spear Skill tree with one skill learned (2)

  • Each skill point spent into a skill tree also provides a small passive bonus, either for your character as a whole (Crit Chance), or for this particular skill tree (Cooldown reduction).

    Active player skills must be placed into your Skill bar to be used.

    The skill trees are divided into three categories:


    Swords Axes Maces Daggers Two-Handed Swords Two-Handed Axes Two-Handed Maces Spears Ranged
    Shields Staffs Wands
    Treatise Swords3.png
    Treatise Axes3.png
    Maces Treatise III.png
    Treatise Daggers3.png
    Two-Handed Swords Treatise III.png
    Two-Handed Axes Treatise III.png
    Two-Handed Maces Treatise III.png
    Treatise Spears3.png
    Treatise Ranged3.png
    Treatise Shields3.png
    Staves Treatise III.png


    Basic Skills Armored Combat Dual Wielding Alchemy Sabotage Survival Magic Mastery Warfare Athletics
    Treatise Empty.png
    Armored Combat Treatise III.png
    Treatise Dual Wielding4.png
    Treatise Empty.png
    Treatise Empty.png
    Survival Treatise I.png
    Magic Mastery Treatise IV.png
    Warfare Treatise IV.png
    Treatise Athletics4.png


    Pyromancy Electromancy Venomancy Cryomancy Geomancy Astromancy Chronomancy Psymancy Arcanistics
    Treatise Pyro4.png
    Electromantic Treatise IV.png
    Treatise Empty.png
    Treatise Empty.png
    Treatise Geo4.png
    Treatise Empty.png
    Treatise Empty.png
    Treatise Empty.png
    Treatise Empty.png

    Enemy skills

    Enemies always come with a fixed set of skills. The skillset changes based on which enemy type you're facing. Certain low level enemies (like Goons) have no skills at all, and certain high level enemies (like the Prologue boss) can have many different skills. You can always check the skills of an enemy by right clicking them and selecting the Inspect option.

    Enemy Skills

    Animal Skills Bandit Skills Proselyte Skills Archon Skills Undead Skills Troll Skills
    Rend Flesh
    Snake Stealth
    Loud Barking
    Grab ’Em!
    Net Throw
    + Bandits also use player skills
    Baleful Scream
    Blood Craze
    Curse of Weakness
    Driven by Pain
    Chain Strike
    Lash Blessing
    Mark of the Feast
    Sacrificial Blood
    Summon Blood Golem
    Vampiric Blood
    Vampiric Rune
    Willing Sacrifice
    Bestial Charge
    Blood Clot
    Blood Puddle
    Corpse Devourment
    Jump Away
    Phantom Bats
    Summon Zombie
    Unholy Ritual
    Binding Sigil
    Soul Sacrifice
    Death Touch
    Bolt of Darkness
    Curse of Weakness
    Rend Flesh
    Sigil of Darkness
    Bone Throw
    Unholy Blessing
    Grave Chill
    + several other player skills
    Rock Toss
    Deafening Roar
    Claw Swipe
    Troll Regeneration

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