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Quest items are special items which are required to complete Contracts. Some quest items can be used and some can be sold to NPCs, but if you do that you won't be able to complete your Contract. Most of these items are of the valuable type.

Item Item type Inv. slots PriceGold.png Description
Alchemy Apparatus
valuable 2×2 400 If you heat it up, fill it with aqua regia, spend fifty years of your life studying alchemy treatises, and then come up with a correct formula, this contraption will allow you to create a philosopher's stone. Maybe.
Black Boar Head
valuable 3×3 100 Over the years this stuffed head became matted, and the fierceness of its glare gave way to bewilderment. Where did it all go wrong? How did it find itself mounted on a piece of wood?
Cell Key
other 1×1 - Allows you to open a cell door.

It's a bit rusty but it should still fit.

Convict's Hand
valuable 1×2 - The convict's brand is clearly visible on the back of this hand - such markings are burned into the skin before sending a criminal to the quarries.
Emissary's Letter
scroll 1×1 - A letter by the emissary of Osbrook addressed to the Mannshire governor. It carries a heavy wax seal and looks rather imposing.
Forbidden Grimoire
valuable 2×2 200 A compilation of forbidden knowledge written in a strange language. It gives off a distinctly foreboding aura.
Heraldic Note
valuable 2×2 120 Can be used to improve your standing with the Grand Magistrate or sold away.

A personally signed letter of gratitude from some magistrate official.

Holy Figurine
valuable 1×2 200 This local relic is a figurine of some holy benefactress.
Monastery Chronicles
valuable 2×2 100 Such notes are kept by abbots of many Aldorian monasteries - they are written in Axonian language in accordance with old church traditions.
Old Census Records
valuable 2×2 80 An otherwise incomprehensible Axonian text containing what is clearly a huge list of names and birth dates.
Old Contract
valuable 1×1 - A crumpled document describing a contract, signed with a few signatures.
Pagan Amulet
common amulet 1×2 741 This sinister amulet is older than a century or two.
common amulet 1×2 600 Someone's soul is encased in this crystal by an arcane ritual. Be on your guard when dealing with dark magic...
Pile of Reports
valuable 2×2 400 A decently sized pile of letters, notes, and reports, densely covered in unfamiliar names and designations.
Recommendation Letter
valuable 1×1 - Your pass into the exciting world of Brynn craftsmen and bureaucracy.
valuable 2×2 750 A richly decorated reliquary, adorned with figurines of saints and carved prayers.
Sack of Grain
valuable 2×3 250 A sack of high quality grain, treasured during famines of war.
valuable 1×1 - It still radiates heat.

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