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Every adventurer wants good protection. From the rainy days, from the cold of the night or from the mortal dangers of his adventures. Armor's main function is to reduce damage taken or avoid getting hurt completely, while most of them also provide other bonuses. You can use any type of armor from the start. Cloth and Leather armor types usually offer less protection but in turn boost your hero's Magic Power, Stealth or Dodge Chance. Metal armor types focus on maximizing protection and physical damage resistances, but also produce more noise when worn and usually cost a lot of gold. Cheaper Shields can also be made from Wood while still offering good protection.

Wearing a Shield enables Blocking of all ranged attacks (including Sorceries).

You can find these armor types: Helmets, Chestplates, Gloves, Belts, Boots, Shields, Cloaks and one non-armor wearable: the Backpack.

Armor Durability can be restored using a Repair Kit and using repair services in towns.

Headgear Chestpieces Gloves Belts Boots Shields Cloaks
Helmets.png Chestplates.png Gloves.png Belts.png Boots.png Shields.png Cloaks.png

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