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Caravan is a feature that will be added in the next big update City of Gold. See Development roadmap and have a look at the planned updates.

The Caravan

In the current game version, the first Caravan cart can be obtained in Osbrook after you complete three contracts, which is also part of the main quest: Gathering the Caravan. After you obtain the first Caravan cart, Verren acts as the driver and allows quick transportation between Osbrook and Mannshire for free until you reach Brynn. Afterwards, Verren parks outside the city and serves as free storage and camping spot, while Ol' Tott offers fast travel service between the cities as well as the Rotten Willow Tavern and Ralph & Sons Inn.

Planned features

There were several features confirmed as new additions for the updated Caravan system:


  • Caravan's main feature will be to quickly traverse the Global Map. You will be able to move the Caravan to any tile that isn't occupied by a Camp, Dungeon or other Point of Interest.
  • Caravan will only travel in the Global Map screen, you won't see it moving real-time.
  • Moving the Caravan will cost unspecified resources. Devs explained you won't be able to consistently use it to travel to and back from a Dungeon.
  • Moving the Caravan will have a certain cooldown period.
  • You will have to visit a location on foot before you can send the Caravan there. Devs explained they don't want to make travelling on foot completely obsolete either.


  • You will be able to store items in the Caravan, just like you can store them with Verren today.
  • Caravan inventory will only be accessible when interacting with the stash directly, it won't help you manage your inventory in the middle of a dungeon.

Other features

  • Caravan is meant to serve as a "mobile home", offering a saving point in the wilderness, and probably other services like Repairs.
  • You will be able to hire certain NPCs and take them with the Caravan. These NPCs will stay with the Caravan, you won't be able to bring them with you into a Dungeon.
  • Caravan will have upgrades, but details were not yet specified.


  • Formerly the Caravan was called Caravan of Companions.
  • It is assumed that the player leads the Caravan in Stoneshard instead of Verren.

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