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Status Effects are buffs and debuffs that describe the state of your character. You have to manage your character's needs, wounds from combat and his psyche so that he can continue adventuring. Character that is unhurt, well fed and healthy will perform better than a character that is hurt, hungry and ill. Status Effects can have beneficial effects, detrimental effects or both.

Status Effect types

  • Physical - these affect your physical body and its functions, like Sturdiness
    • Wound - a subcategory of physical Status Effects that only appears on Injuries
  • Lingering - a subcategory of physical Status Effects that only appears on Bleeding
  • Magical - these are magical in nature and can have various effects, like Stone Skin or Seal of Power
  • Mental - these affect your mind and can also have various effects, like Vigor or Sleep
  • State - these represent your current state of mind, like Optimism or Despair
  • Condition - these represent your vitals, like Satiety or Terrible Thirst

Condition type is only important for certain effects, for example Coma prevents any Mental conditions from being applied.

Status Effect mechanics

  • Some Status Effects are tied to their corresponding Attributes & Stats which can change automatically each turn, like Hunger or Thirst.
  • Some Status Effects require certain criteria being met before appearing, like the Psyche Status Effects.
  • Some Status Effects will only appear as an extra result from another action. For example stepping into a burning tile can cause Burning.
  • Some Status Effects will heal themselves over time, like Injuries. Resting or sleeping in the Inn can speed up the process.
  • However, some Status Effects can also become worse on their own, namely Poison and Burning. The effect you already have will gain longer duration. If unlucky, a worsening Status Effect can lead to the death of your character, so it's important to cure bad Status Effects quickly by using Consumables.
  • Maladies are currently not in the game and will most likely be tied to the Immunity attribute.

Status Effect sources

Most Status Effects can only come from a limited amount of sources, therefore their sources are a good way to distinguish between different Status Effects. Possible Status Effect sources are listed in the table below:

Health system Skills Environment Consumables
Hunger Thirst Pain Injury Intoxication Psyche Maladies Player skills Enemy skills Rain Fire Blessing Potions Medicine Ingredients

List of Status Effects

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