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Out there, the medic is you. Medicine are items that can help prevent or fix different Conditions like Bleeding, Injury, Toxicity or Maladies.

Item Inv. slots PriceGold.png Properties Uses Description
1×1 75
Intoxication: -75%
Intoxication Resistance: +25% (30 t)
Health Replenishment: -5%
Poison Resistance: +75% (30 t)
Causes Confusion.

Removes Poisoning
1 This ingenious contraption performed a breakthrough in treatment of poisonings. The ensuing headaches are not that much of a side effect when it comes to saving lives.
1×1 35
Thirst: +20%
Intoxication: -25%
Intoxication Change: -1% (25 t)
Fatigue Change: +0.10% (25 t)
Halves the duration of all possible Aftermaths.
1 An effective remedy for consequences of bad habits.
1×1 5
Stops a selected body part from bleeding.
2 It might help with not bleeding to death.
Ether Inhaler
Ether Inhaler
1×2 90
Intoxication: +40%
Pain: -75%
Pain Resistance: +100% (30 t)
Sanity: +5%
2 This bizarre vessel was invented a couple decades ago by the Alchemist's Guild. Its fumes are poisonous, but they ease pain and clear the mind.
Gwynnel's Elixir
Gwynnel's Elixir
1×2 1000
Intoxication: -75%
Pain: -75%
Energy Replenishment: +75%
Health Replenishment: +75%
Healing Efficiency: +33% (360 t)
Removes all negative effects
1 The lifework of Gwynnel, a metropolitan alchemist. After his retirement, an already high price on his elixirs flew through the roof.
Healing Salve
Healing Salve
1×1 40
Health Restoration: +2% (20 t)
Injury Treatment: +15%
If a selected body part is injured, salve's healing efficiency is reduced by 50%.

3 It's said that this ointment was originally used to treat scabies. Its restorative properties were discovered purely by accident.
Herbal Extract
Herbal Extract
1×1 20
Intoxication: +5%
Intoxication Change: +0.50% (30 t)
Pain Resistance: +25% (30 t)
Pain Change: -1% (30 t)
Healing Efficiency: +15% (30 t)
1 Infusions of intoxicating herbs are often employed by village healers. Cheapness and availability far outweighs a common side effect of terrible visions.
1×1 20
Morale: -5%

Can be applied to a selected body part.
Grants the following effect for 30 turns:

Body Part Condition: +0.5%
Healing Efficiency: +25%
Intoxication: -0.5%
Pain Change: +0.2%
1 These heinous creatures can be of use if you know how to apply them.
Soporific Sponge
Soporific Sponge
1×1 32
Intoxication Change: +1% (10 t)
Pain Change: -5% (10 t)
Puts you to sleep.
1 Barbers in the capital often use these sponges before pulling out a bad tooth.
2×1 15
Injury Treatment: +35%
Stabilizes the injury of a selected body part.
Can only be applied to injured body parts.
1 An indispensable item for sprains and fractures.
Surgeon's Toolkit
Surgeon's Toolkit
2×2 90
Injury Treatment: +75%
Greatly improves condition of a selected body part.

Pain suffered during the operation depends on the current condition of the body part.

Durability: 20/20
5 The very case when expertise and courage are equally important.
Vivifying Essence
Vivifying Essence
1×2 220
Sanity: -3%
Energy Replenishment: -35%
Health Replenishment: +35%
2 When asked about its recipe, alchemists prefer to maintain mysterious silence.

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