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Ammunition are off-hand items that are fired when using Bows or Crossbows. Picked up ammunition stacks together in your inventory up to 20 pieces per stack. To save space, you can place ammunition inside Quivers. Equipping a stack of ammunition into your weapon slot takes a turn.

There are two ammunition types:

  • Arrows - fired from Bows. A stack occupies 1×3 inventory slots.
  • Bolts - fired from Crossbows. A stack occupies 1×2 inventory slots.

Both ammunition types come in three different variants, each with its own benefits and fallbacks:

  • Leaf-shaped - the default ammunition type. They don’t have any special modifiers, offering standard damage and range values.
  • Broadhead - historically used mostly for hunting. They are heavier and wider, making them more damaging to both enemy health and their body parts. As a trade-off, they struggle with piercing armor. Their accuracy and range are also lower.
  • Bodkin - fairly light, so they have higher range. They are also good at penetrating armor and provide better accuracy, but are less effective against unarmored flesh than other arrow types.

Ammunition type Arrows Bolts PriceGold.png Properties
Leaf-Shaped Leaf-Shaped Arrows
Leaf-Shaped Arrows
Leaf-Shaped Bolts
Leaf-Shaped Bolts
100 -
Broadhead Broadhead Arrows
Broadhead Arrows
Broadhead Bolts
Broadhead Bolts
Weapon Damage: +15%
Bodypart Damage: +25%
Range: -2
Accuracy: -15%
Armor Penetration: -25%
Bodkin Bodkin Arrows
Bodkin Arrows
Bodkin Bolts
Bodkin Bolts
Weapon Damage: -20%
Range: +1
Accuracy: +10%
Armor Penetration: +25%

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