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Dual Wielding is the ability to use two weapons at once. This page will explain how different bonuses are applied and how they interact with each other. There's also a specialized skill tree dedicated to Dual Wielding.

Dual Wielding Basics

Dual Wielding requires no special training. To start Dual Wielding, simply equip a one-handed weapon into one of your weapon slots, then add another one-handed weapon into the other weapon slot.

  • You can mix and match freely - two weapons of the same type, two weapons of a different type, two shields, or even two one-handed tools (ie. Crowbars).
  • Equipping a one-handed weapon and a shield doesn't count as Dual Wielding.
  • Equipping a Bow or a Crossbow with Ammunition or with Quivers doesn't count as Dual Wielding.
  • You cannot dual wield two-handed weapons in any way.

Effects of Dual Wielding

Upon equipping a second weapon, your character will receive the Dual Wielding Penalty, a list of these negative bonuses:

Main Hand Efficiency         -25%
Off-Hand Efficiency          -50%
Cooldown Duration            +15%
Fumble Chance                +5%

This penalty is always active and cannot be removed in any way until you stop Dual Wielding.

Attribute Values

Dual Wielding Attributes.png

The Attributes section of your Character screen will start displaying two values on most of your Combat attributes (see image).

This is because the game handles bonuses from Weapons on a per-weapon basis. For example, when Dual Wielding a Footman Sword and a War Flail, only the Footman Sword will get the Accuracy bonus, while only the War Flail will get the Accuracy penalty.

Hand Efficiency

The values you gain from the weapons are modified by your Hand Efficiency. The Main Hand Efficiency and Off-Hand Efficiency attributes affect how well you can handle your weapons while Dual Wielding, adjusting the damage and all offensive bonuses from the weapon wielded in the respective weapon slot. Both Hand Efficiency attributes start at 100%.

When wielding only a single weapon, your Main Hand Efficiency is at 100%, which is why wielding one Footman Sword will give you exactly +3% Accuracy.
But Dual Wielding two Footman Swords will not give you +6% Accuracy as you might expect. Instead, it's calculated like this:

  • Main Hand: +3% Accuracy * 75% Main Hand Efficiency (the DW Penalty) = +2.25% Accuracy for the Main Hand.
  • Off-Hand: +3% Accuracy * 50% Off-Hand Efficiency (the DW Penalty) = +1.5% Accuracy for the Off-Hand.

Similarly, if you increased your Main Hand Efficiency to 150%, a Footman Sword in your Main Hand would instead give you +4.5% Accuracy:

  • +3% Accuracy * 150% Main Hand Efficiency = 4.5% Accuracy.

Finally, penalties on Weapons are also affected in the same way - using a War Flail in your Off-Hand will give you smaller Accuracy penalty:

  • -5% Accuracy * 50% Off-Hand Efficiency (the DW Penalty) = -2.5% Accuracy.

Attributes that are not separated into the per-weapon basis are unaffected by Hand Efficiency. For example, Footman Sword will always give you +2% Block Chance and +10% Skills Energy Cost penalty, regardless of your Hand Efficiency values or the slot where you wield your Footman Sword.

Skill bonuses vs. Dual Wielding

All attribute bonuses from skills, be it active or passive, are applies to both wielded weapons. Bonuses from skills are unaffected by your Hands Efficiency attributes. Examples:

  • The Stance-based skill Hammer and Anvil from the Mace skill tree will add its bonuses to both your weapons, as long as one of your weapons is a Mace.
  • The active skill Seize the Initiative from the Combat Mastery skill tree will add its bonuses to both your weapons.
  • The passive skill Feed the Flames from Pyromancy skill tree will add its +3% Accuracy bonus to both your weapons.
  • The passive skill Concussion from the Mace skill tree will add +5% Weapon damage bonus to both your weapons, as long as one of your weapons is a Mace.
  • However, the Concussion's effect "Critical hits with maces apply their target with -15% Control Resistance for 3 turns." will only work when you deliver a critical hit with your Mace.
  • The passive skill Honed Edge will only add bonus Bleed Chance when you attack or use an ability that uses your Sword. But the Bleed Chance bonus will then be applied to both your weapons.

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