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Rumor has it, something interesting can be found here...

Points of Interest, or POIs, describe interesting locations on the Global Map.

  • Example of some Points of Interest
  • Newly generated POIs are hidden to the player by a fog of war and randomly placed onto the Global Map, becoming a part of the generated Biomes. POIs can be discovered either through rumours or visiting neighbouring tiles, then their location gets marked by a question mark, or by visiting their location personally.


    Here is a list of not important Points of Interest which mostly include enemies (Ghoul Den for example) and place to sleep (Camps), they contain nothing more than that and you can skip them in your playthrough.

    Just walking by roads you can encounter Shrines and Carts. With Shrines you can receive Blessing and Carts contain loot and sometimes enemies lurking nearby it.

  • Wooden altar
  • Stone shrine
  • Old abandoned cart
  • Broken cart
  • Major

    This list contain important Points of Interest, they have unique NPC, unique loot that can be found only in that location (Witch Hat from Witch's Hut) and unique quests, and interactions.

    Examples of some Points of Interest on Map

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