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Example of some Points of Interest
Rumor has it, something interesting can be found here...

Points of Interest, or POIs, describe interesting locations on the Global Map. POIs are initially hidden from the player by a fog of war, and their location is randomly selected on the whole Global Map, becoming a part of the generated Biomes. The location of POIs can be discovered through Rumors, or entering the Global Map tile or an adjacent one. The real description and icon of the POI will be revealed on the map and the player will get a certain amount of experience once the player properly enters the location.


Rumors are unprecise pieces of information that can be obtained by talking to townspeople. In every town, you will have the option with most NPCs to ask for rumors. A lot of rumors are just relatively useless anecdotes, but certain NPCs may give information on the location of a Point of Interest in the area you haven't yet discovered. You can keep collecting them and uncovering new POIs this way.

The same NPC may never give a POI rumor more than once a day. Sometimes, they will demand a payment of 50 coin in exchange for information, which in this case is always a POI.

Once you obtain a Rumor, you will see a popup telling you the name of the Rumor, and its supposed location will be marked on the Global Map with a question mark.

The NPC Skinflint Homs can be accessed after reaching the Benevolence Reputation with the Rotten Willow Tavern. He will give leads to the player on certain points of interests against a sum of money, not more than one per day for each type of lead.


Using the camp as an example
Icon common to all dens

Here is a list of not important Points of Interest which mostly include enemies (Ghoul Den for example) and place to sleep (Camps), they contain nothing more than that and you can skip them in your playthrough. Icons for open but unexplored locations are white. Afterwards they turn gray.

Just walking by roads you can encounter Shrines and Carts. With Shrines you can receive Blessing and Carts contain loot and sometimes enemies lurking nearby it.

  • Wooden altar
  • Stone shrine
  • Old abandoned cart
  • Broken cart
  • Unique

    This list contains several important Points of Interest. They might have unique NPC, unique loots (such as Witch Hat from the Witch's Hut), unique quest, and special interactions.

    Minor Settlement

    Some Poi can allow fast travelling via service NPCs. While it's not as populated as the regular Settlements, Most will still provide Inn and merchant services

    Examples of some Points of Interest on Map

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