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Tools are required to perform special actions while adventuring, like equipment repairs or picking locks. Some tools can be equipped as weapons, but their damage as such is miserable and as the tools belong to no weapon class, no class-based skill can be used with them.

Traps are offensive items that inflict damage once stepped upon. When placed outside enemy vision, the trap is stealthed for them, otherwise the enemy, if they are intelligent enough (like humans or proselytes), will try to disarm the trap, with a chance for the trap to still trigger and inflict damage.


These items can be used as weapons and have no other uses in-game. Lute can also be played to produce music, but this has no effects in-game.

Item Rarity DamageDamageColumn.png DurabilityDurabilityColumn.png PriceGold.png Properties
Common Crushing: 14
100 50
Daze Chance: +5%
Stun Chance: +5%
Knockback Chance: +5%
Stagger Chance: +5%
Accuracy: -5%
Crit Chance: +10%
Fumble Chance: +33%
Common Crushing: 8
30 15
Daze Chance: +5%
Fumble Chance: +50%
Common Crushing: 10
10 150
Daze Chance: +10%
Noise Produced: +25%
Common Piercing: 15
75 100
Armor Penetration: +10%
Armor Damage: +33%
Fumble Chance: +20%
Common Slashing: 12
50 30
Bleed Chance: +20%
Fumble Chance: +20%


These items can be used in-game for various effects, and some of them can also be used as weapons.

Item Inv. slots DurabilityDurabilityColumn.png PriceGold.png Properties Uses Description Additional notes
Bloodletting Lancet
2×1 20 25 Intoxication Change: -3% (15x)

Pain: +5%

Causes Bleeding but reduces Intoxication.

10 Sometimes bleeding out is the surest way to NOT kick the bucket.

Can be equipped as a one-handed melee weapon.

Using as a tool does not require being equipped.

1×3 10 50 Guaranteed to pick a lock or disarm a mechanical trap. - This tool works wonders in skillful hands.

Just need to keep it quiet and concentrate on the job.

Can be equipped as a one-handed melee weapon.

Using as a tool does not require being equipped.

Loses 1 point of durability per use. Prioritized over Lockpicks upon use from the target's context menu.

1×1 - 25 Allows picking locks.
Breaks if the lockpicking attempt fails.
3 Every self-respecting burglar has one of these.
Repair Kit
2×2 120 400 Restores 30 durability points to a selected item. - If you want something done well, do it yourself.

Upon use, up to 30 durability is subtracted from the tool's durability and added to the target item's durability.

Can be used multiple times on the same item.

Disappears when durability of itself reaches 0.

2×3 - 30 Crushing Damage: 16

Allows you to do some digging.

- Make sure not to dig too greedily and too deep.

Using requires being equipped. Occupies both hands.

Usable as a melee weapon as well. Upon landing critical strikes, Shovel cleaves over 3 tiles similar to other two-handed weapons.

Smoke Bomb
1×2 85 Creates a slowly spreading smoke cloud at the tile of landing.

The smoke has 50% chance to cause Cough and applies the following effects:

-25% Accuracy
+25% Fumble Chance
-75% Vision

1 A simple metal shell, stuffed with a mix of tinder, oil, tar, and dry grass, used by peasants to smoke out wild beasts from their dens. Usable through throwing.

Leaves an Empty Casing at the landing location.

Empty Casing
1×2 5 - No more smoke: the mix inside is completely burnt out. No properties, left over after using a Smoke Bomb.
Throwing Net
2×3 12 25 Immobilizes the affected target.

The duration of immobilization and durability loss depend on the target's size.

The net doesn't immobilize neither tiny nor giant targets.

4 An indispensable tool for hunting small and medium game. Usable through throwing.

Can be picked up once the affected enemy is killed or frees themselves, if not destroyed.

Loses 3 durability per use.

Will drive away darkness. Or it might attract something worse.


Item Inv. slots DurabilityDurabilityColumn.png PriceGold.png Properties Uses Description Additional notes
Claw Trap
2×2 3 100 Rending Damage: 30

100% chance to Immobilize for 3 turns and apply Confusion for 6-10 turns.

1 One of the primary reasons to watch your step. Loses 1 durability per trigger (including successful disarms).

A Claw Trap is armed when placed by "Use" action (placement range: 1).

Can be picked up only when disarmed.

1×2 15 Piercing Damage: 20

Ignores 90% Armor and has +50% Bodypart Damage

75% chance to apply Confusion for 6 turns.
75% chance to Immobilize for 2 turns.
75% chance to Stagger for 2 turns.

1 During the Brynn siege, the Magistrate mercenaries made liberal use of these things: a carpet of caltrops blocking a narrow street can easily hold off an enemy advance, be it cavalry or light infantry. Can be set up by throwing.

Once within vision, can be picked up without any additional actions.

If landed directly onto enemy, does not inflict damage, landing onto an adjacent tile instead.

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