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Traits are special mechanics given to player characters. Traits represent their owner's distinct features like going berserk in combat, exceptional sight or background in sorceries, and provide unique bonuses to player's Attributes & Stats or certain beneficial effects. NPCs do not have traits.

Each player character currently has one unique trait. It is currently unknown if there will be an option to learn more traits on one character.

One of the planned features is custom character creation (see the Roadmap), which suggests that players will be able to choose their starting trait.

Unique Traits

Arna - Vow of the Feat - For each enemy within your Vision, receive -5% Cooldowns Duration, -5% Abilities Energy Cost and -3% Damage Taken. This effect stacks.

Dirwin - Sharp Eye - The first attack that hits an enemy applies them with -10% Dodge Chance and +5% Damage Taken for 8 turns.

Jonna - Magical Erudition - Reading a magical treatise for the first time grants +1% Magic Power. Each learned spell or magical passive grants +2% Experience Gain.

Jorgrim - Berserker Frenzy - For each enemy killed, receive +10% Weapon Damage and +20% Crit Efficiency for 10 turns. This effect stacks.

Velmir - To Each Their Own - Upon receiving an attack, Velmir is granted +5% Accuracy for 5 turns, and the attacker is applied with +5% Damage Taken for 5 turns. This effect stacks.

Verren - Artifact Knowledge - For each turn you have 1% chance to reveal properties of a random unidentified item in your inventory.

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