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Weapons are the tools of destruction used to dispatch the unfortunate enemies that cross your path. All weapons go into the weapon slots in your inventory. You can equip any weapon type right away. You can equip one two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapons at a time. You can mix different one-handed weapon types. Equipping weapons enables the use of Skills from their respective skill trees.

Bows and Crossbows occupy only one hand, but require other hand being occupied by Ammo to be used.

Shields can also be considered as one-handed weapons. See Shields page for a list of Shields.

Some Tools can also be used as melee weapons.

Swords Axes Maces Daggers Wands Bows Crossbows
Swords.png Axes.png Maces.png Daggers.png Notavailable1h.png Bows.png Crossbows.png
Sword Skills Axe Skills Mace Skills Dagger Skills Wands Ranged Weapon Skills
Two-Handed Swords Two-Handed Axes Two-Handed Maces Spears Staves Ammunition Quivers
Greatswords.png Two-Handed Axes.png Two-Handed Maces.png Spears.png Staves.png Arrows.png Quivers.png
Two-Handed Sword Skills Two-Handed Axe Skills Two-Handed Mace Skills Spear Skills Staff Skills Ranged Weapon Skills

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