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NPCs is an abbreviation for Non-Player Characters, meaning any creatures that you can meet in the world of Stoneshard, however NPC is often used as a term to describe creatures you can interact with, while creatures you fight with are more often described as Enemies. NPCs can have various roles and act according to them.

NPC roles

NPCs are friendly creatures you can talk or trade with. Most friendly NPCs are other humanoids commonly concentrated in Towns, but there are exceptions - for example, the Witch, who resides in the Witch's Hut, her solitary abode. Most friendly NPCs have a specific role or profession assigned. Most friendly NPCs are also willing to trade, usually offering few cheap items like food or weak alcohol, but usually won't buy your hard earned loot due to lack of Crowns. Below is a list of current NPC roles in the game:


There is one NPC in every Settlement that handles Contracts. In smaller villages, it usually falls to the Village Elder, while in big cities, a selected official will be the person to talk to, such as the castle's quartermaster. Selecting the corresponding talk option will give you information about available Contracts and their respective Dungeons.

They often carry a higher amount of money than other townspeople, but they are only willing to buy valuables and alcohol.


Quest Givers

Certain NPCs will offer you Tasks that can be completed over the course of your whole playthrough, earning you various rewards. Quest Givers usually have an extra option in their talk menu, where you can ask them for work. Tasks can range from simple things like picking herbs to long-term collecting of old curios or even slaying giant beasts. See Tasks for more information.



In every town, there are many NPCs who specialize in buying or selling various goods and services.

  • Food Traders sell various Food - meat, fruit, dairy products, even Wine.
    Examples: Margyt, Gunda.
  • Innkeepers primarily offer a way to Save your game. They also sell a wider selection of Food and Beverages, namely additional Waterskins. Inns are also a good place to ask about other townspeople and the surrounding areas.
    Examples: Brukk, Arenn.
  • Merchants can offer a wide selection of goods, from Mushrooms to Treatises and Scrolls, from Shovel to expensive gear. You can also recognize them by the huge amount of Crowns in their pockets. They always pay well for Valuables. Some of them pay well for a specific type of items too, but generally they will buy almost anything you bring them, if not always at a fair price.
    Examples: Bert, Gerlot.
  • Herbalists are the local healers and your best friends, as they will buy and sell Medicine, which is crucial for your survival. As the name suggests, they also trade in Herbs.
    Examples: Frid.
  • Scribe manages the Mannshire Governor's library and documents. He won't buy anything, but will happily sell you several Treatises from their collection.
    Examples: Unar.
  • Smiths are merchants who specialize in metal goods. Metallic weapons, armor and shields are his forte, and he will also pay better for metal goods than for anything not made of metal. Offers repairs for metal items aswell.
    Examples: Jebar, Dietrich.
  • Carpenters handles goods made of wood. Archers can procure Ammunition, Bows and Crossbows here, while fighters can find weapons made of wood and majority of Shields. Same as the Blacksmith, they will pay more for wooden goods and offer repairs for them.
    Examples: Jurg, Dirk.
  • Tailors are another specialized merchants. Robes, cloth and leather armor, all of that can be bought, sold and repaired at the Tailor's. In addition, they also sell Quivers. Tailors pay handsomely for animal skins.
    Examples: Hold.


Certain NPCs offer an additional talk option to train you with a certain skill tree. This option is only available if your character doesn't have the respective skill tree unlocked yet.

For a fee of 250 Crowns, they can unlock the same skills as if you read a corresponding Treatise rank I for that skilltree.

Trainers in Osbrook:

Trainers in Mannshire:

There are no trainers in Brynn.

There are currently no trainers for Armored Combat, Dual Wielding, Survival, Magic Mastery, Pyromancy, Geomancy and Electromancy skill trees. Treatises for these trees can be found in the Dungeons or bought from Unar.


Crafters who offer to repair your gear. Specialized traders like Blacksmiths often offer repairs, but there are also NPCs who don't sell anything noteworthy, but still offer repairs. Pay attention to their surroundings or talk options, as their specializations still apply - a woodworker won't repair any metal items.
Examples: Jurg, Lynd, crafters in Brynn Crafters' quarter.


NPCs that offer transportation between settlements. So far, only Ol' Tott provides such service, and Verren temporarily fits this role, until the player pays to go to Brynn.

Other townspeople


Lists of friendly NPCs

Osbrook NPCs
Occupation Name Contracts Personal Quest Trader Repairs Rumors Has Lore Unique Dialogue
Butcher Ormond.png
Carpenter Jurg.png
Drunkard Ram.png
Elder Odar.png
Emissary Rickerd.png
Food Trader Margyt.png
Fruit Trader Gina.png
Guard (6x) File:Osbrook Guards.png
Random Names
Herbalist Frid.png
Innkeeper Brukk.png
NPC Elsbeth does not exist in Friendly data.
Merchant Bert.png
Miller File:Alan.png
Peasant Peasant female4.png
Peasant Peasant female2.png
Peasant (4x) Peasant female1.pngPeasant female3.pngPeasant male1.pngPeasant male2.png
Random Names
Sergeant Osbrook Sergeant.png
Random Name
Smith Jebar.png
Stableman Anselm.png
Tailor Hold.png
1) Emissary offers his Quest only after he has been kidnapped and you save him.
2) Sergeant actually has no Quest, but instead gives you a choice of a starting weapon. Refusing to pick any weapon awards Reputation with Osbrook.
Mannshire NPCs
Occupation Name Contracts Personal Quest Trader Repairs Rumors Has Lore Unique Dialogue
Apprentice Lynd.png
Carpenter Dirk (NPC).png
Drunkard Lotar.png
Drunkard Frida.png
Village Elder Knud.png
Food Trader Agna.png
Food Trader Gunda.png
Governor File:Weber Vir Lecri.png
Weber Vir Lecri
Guard (2x) File:Mannshire Guards.png
Random Names
Hostess Selma.png
Innkeeper Arenn.png
Merchant Gerlot.png
NPC Uta does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Hilda does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Celz does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Alba does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Josh does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Rald does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Unar does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Mannshire Sergeant does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Dietrich does not exist in Friendly data.
NPC Irma does not exist in Friendly data.
Mannshire NPCs
Name Occupation
Lynd Apprentice
Dirk Carpenter
Lotar Drunkard
Frida Drunkard
Knud Elder
Agna Food Trader
Gunda Food Trader
Weber vir Lecri Governor
Random Guard (2x)
Selma Hostess
Arenn Innkeeper
Gerlot Merchant
Uta Merchant's Daughter
Hilda Old Woman
Celz Peasant
Alba Peasant
Josh Priest
Rald Shepherd
Unar Scribe
Random Sergeant
Dietrich Smith
Irma Vegetable Trader
Other NPCs
Name Occupation
Bran Trapper
Random Witch

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