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Rending damage represents damage done by claws, fangs, teeth etc. It's mostly dealt by animals and other beast-like enemies.
~ Wayfinder (game developer) on Steam discussions

Melee & Ranged Damage

Melee & Ranged Damage is dependent on your equipped weapon's base damage and your damage stats:

Both active and passive abilities can also increase your damage, like Blade Maintenance does.

Elemental & Magic Damage

Abilities from the sorcery trees (for example Pyromancy) and some abilities that aren't sorceries (for example War Cry) do not rely on your equipped weapon. Instead, they always have their damage listed in the ability itself. Damage of these abilities and any Magic or Nature damage on weapons (like Wizard Staff) is dependent on your Magic Damage stats:

In case of sorcery skills, the damage is also increased by their respective sorcery power stat (for example Pyromantic Power).

Damage Types

The damage types are as follows:

Physical Nature Magic
Slashing Crushing Piercing Rending Fire Frost Shock Poison Caustic Arcane Sacred Unholy Psionic
Side effect: None Bleeding.png Burning.png Frozen.png Stun.png Poisoning.png Acid Bath.png Mana Burn Energy Replenishment File:Curse (condition).png Confusion.png

  • All damage types can be reduced by using items with Protection.
  • All damage types can also be reduced by having the appropriate Resistances. Resistances can come in the form of one specific Resistance (ie. Slashing Resistance) or for the whole group of Resistances. For example, Physical Resistance will work against all these damage types: Slashing, Crushing, Piercing and Rending.

See Combat_Formulas#Defending for more in-depth explanation.

Chance to proc the side effects

All damage types listed in the table above have a chance to apply their respective side effects. Slashing, Crushing and Piercing damage types don't have any side effects.
The chance to apply a side effect is the same for all damage types, and is calculated as:


For example, if you deal 3 Shock Damage to an enemy that has 100 Max_HP, the chance to apply Stun is 3.00%.

Damage over Time effects

Damage over time effects (DoTs) are a group of Status Effects (Bleeding, Burning, Poisoned, ..) that deal damage every turn until removed. DoTs usually last only for a few turns and might dissipate on their own. Known DoT effects:

  • Using Physical attacks can inflict Bleeding depending on your Bleed Chance stat. Attacking targets with Injuries can also cause Bleeding, regardless of your Bleed Chance.
  • Pyromancies and stepping into burning tiles can ignite both enemies and yourself and inflict Burning.
  • Getting hit by the Forest Snake or eating the Death Cap will inflict Poisoning.

Other Damage Types

A special type of damage is Returned damage. Returned damage has no damage type and ignores Protection (need confirmation!). Returned damage is only dealt to you when you hit a target that has the Damage Reflection attribute.

Another type of damage is Bodypart Damage. It represents the damage you deal to a given bodypart of an enemy when you hit them with any attack. Bodypart Damage isn't visible in the Combat Log, but when you deal enough Bodypart Damage to an arm, leg, torso or the head, the target receives an Injury for the specific bodypart. Receiving an injury is visible in the Combat Log. Injuries do not deal direct damage to enemy HP, but instead reduce their combat effectiveness. Further damage dealt to an injured bodypart can cause Bleeding, which makes Bodypart Damage a very powerful attribute.

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