Pyromancy (skill tree)

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This page shows all the Pyromancy Skills.

Bend the most destructive element to your will and incinerate anything and anyone with a large selection of deadly spells.

Main focus:
High Damage, Area Damage

Pyromancy Spells deal Fire Damage scaling multiplicatively from Magic Power and Pyromantic Power.

Spell’s_Magic_Damage = Basic_Value * Magic_Power/100 * (1 + Pyromantic_Power/100)

Some Spells have their special effects (i.e. Ring of Fire's 50% Ignite chance and -20% Fire Resistance). These effects are scaling additively from Magic Power and Pyromantic Power.

Special_Effect_Value = Basic_Value * (Magic_Power + Pyromantic_Power)/100

Treatises List:

Treatise I:
Fire Barrage
Ring of Fire
Baptism by Fire
Flame Saturation

Treatise II:
Magma Rain
Feed the Flames

Treatise IV:
Melting Ray
Safe Distance

Treatise IV:
Excess Heat

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