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Yummy! Food lowers your Hunger, sometimes Thirst and sometimes it also has other beneficial effects. Eating food that would reduce Hunger by a larger value than the character's current hunger sets it 0% and applies the Satiety condition instead. Most foods will rot or spoil after a certain time. Eating spoiled or rotten food is not recommended. Some foods (usually meat) can be cooked, which greatly improves their benefits. Eating raw meat is possible, but less beneficial than cooked meat, and may also produce negative effects, such as Vomiting.

Procuring food

Different food types can be bought in town from the Innkeeper and his assistants, from the local food merchants in their stalls, and sometimes from random townspeople. Simply talk to them and see what they have.

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Chances are you will find some food when exploring bandit hideouts. A good alternative can be hunting for meat in a nearby forest.

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Planning ahead

A quick run into a nearby bandit hideout won't require much more than two pieces of Bread. However, if you're travelling to a far away undead crypt, that's a whole different story. Plus undead don't eat, so don't expect to find any food there. If you decide to hunt for food, don't forget that there's currently no way to make fire, so you need someplace to cook it.

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Stuffing yourself before leaving town is another option which might help, but don't overeat too much as it's not healthy. Try combining different food types with extra benefits and learn to use foods that also give you Hunger Resistance.

Eat smart

Consider your eating expenses. It barely costs anything to hunt deer in the forest and even a small amount of Venison can last a long time. Be mindful of the freshness of different foods. When you find food in the dungeons, eat cheese and other types that spoil quickly first, then bread, fruit and veggies, then long lasting food like Potatoes last.

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If you're rich, consider investing into Sausages and Smoked Ham. These are amazing foods that never spoil and also come with multiple uses per item, saving inventory space.

List of all foods

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