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Blessings and Curses represent a power cast upon the player by a God or similar powerful being. It can appear as a Status Effect that can affect the player character or represent some kind of power that was imbued into various Gear. Blessings and Curses are a planned feature that is currently not listed in the Development roadmap.


Blessings are currently not in the game, with the exception of praying at a Shrine. The player using the Shrine receives the temporary Status Effect: Blessing.


Curses are usually strong Enchantment that come with some kind of negative effect. There is also the regular Curse that exists as a status effect.

Cursed Items

Cursed Items are a special version of Enchanted Items. Bonuses on Cursed items are stronger than on standard Enchanted Items, and they always have an extra bonus based on the curse type, but also come with a negative effect.

List of Curses

Curse Positive effect Negative effect
Curse of Soulstealer +15% Energy Drain +25% Fatigue Change
Curse of Gorelust +10% Crit Chance -25% Max HP
Curse of Mindwrecker +10% Magic Power +5% Backfire Chance
Curse of Everfear -5% Damage Taken -5% Accuracy
Curse of Gnawmaw +15% Life Drain -33% Hunger Resistance
Curse of Sufferjoy +10% Weapon Damage -33% Pain Resistance
Curse of Loudmouth +25% Pain Resistance +10% Cooldowns Duration
Curse of Goldhoarder +10% Bleeding Resistance -30% Healing Efficiency

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