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Injuries and Pain are an important part of the character's health system. Unlike many RPG games where healing fully recovers your character, Stoneshard characters feel Pain from taking damage and healing, and when subjected to heavy blows or strong abilities, the character's body can suffer lasting Injuries. Both of these effects create a sense of danger from taking hits and affect the character's combat capabilities.


The level of your character's Pain. It rises from taking Damage and Injuries. The maximum Pain level depends on your character's Health.

When reaching 25%, 50% and 75%, it produces a negative effect.

Disambig.png This article is about an Attribute. For the corresponding Condition, see Pain (Condition).

Pain is one of the Attributes of character's Health System. It rises from taking damage and having unstabilized injuries. The maximum pain level depends on your character's Health. When reaching certain levels, it produces the following negative effects:


Injuries are special Conditions that affect a certain part of the character's body.

It's one thing to watch your hero being a potion-consuming damage sponge, and the other – to watch your hero getting gameplay-affecting injuries, while also suffering from pain and nasty side effects.
~ Stoneshard Devlog

Body parts

Health tab shows all important information about your character's health. It can be found as the second tab under the Character menu. The body model on the left side represents your character's bodyparts. Each bodypart has its own health, shown by the appropriate green bars.

Upon receiving damage, some of the attack's damage is dealt to your health and some is also dealt to a part of your body. Which bodypart gets damaged is selected randomly. Both the player and the NPCs can have passive bonuses or use Skills that increase Bodypart Damage dealt.

Character Screen, Health Tab


When you reach 50% health on any bodypart, you will receive a Mild Injury, a negative condition. At 25% bodypart health, the Mild Injury will change into an Injury with increased negative effects. If you reach 0% bodypart health or less, the Injury will become a Severe Injury with further increased negative effects and one special negative effect.

Special negative effects are:

  • Severely Injured hands will cause you to drop held items (unless you're holding a Cursed item).
  • Severely Injured legs give you a chance to become Immobilized every turn.
  • Severely Injured head prevents you from casting any spells, disables energy regeneration and has a chance to cause Coma.
  • Severely Injured torso has a chance to start Bleeding every turn.

An injured right leg

Healing Injuries

Your character's Health Restoration is applied to body parts aswell. First, you heal your overall HP until you reach your current Health Threshold. Then, any further healing is distributed evenly to your damaged bodyparts health. This makes healing possible even if you run out of healing items, and it also makes Vitality builds more viable.

At a certain bodypart health threshold, any injuries you have received will automatically stabilize.

  • Minor Injuries will stabilize at 60% bodypart health.
  • Medium Injuries will stabilize at 35% bodypart health.
  • Severe Injuries will stabilize at 10% bodypart health.

At a certain bodypart health treshold, any stabilized Injuries will automatically become a less severe stabilized variant.

  • Stabilized Severe Injuries automatically change to Stabilized Injuries at 25% bodypart health.
  • Stabilized Injuries automatically change to Mild Injuries at 50% bodypart health.
  • Injuries disappear when bodypart health reaches 90%.

While Injuries can heal naturally from your Health Restoration, it's better to greatly speed up the process by using different Medicine consumables like Splints or Healing Salves.

Secondary Effects

There are two secondary effects related to damaged bodyparts. If any Injured bodypart takes damage, there's a chance to cause Bleeding on that bodypart. This applies both to the player and the enemies. Bleed Resistance helps to combat this effect.

Having damaged bodyparts also lowers your Max Health Threshold. You can mouseover each bodypart to see by how much is your Health Threshold reduced, or you can mouseover your HP bar to see the total Max Health Threshold reduction.

Injury lowered the Max Health Threshold

This means that just drinking a healing potion isn't enough to fully heal. Your damaged bodyparts need to be healed too before you can reach your Max HP again.

Using a Vivifying Essence cannot heal over 83 HP in this case due to Max Health Threshold being reduced

List of Injuries

You can only have one injury for every human bodypart - two hand injuries, two leg injuries, one head injury and one torso injury.
The amount of body parts varies per animal, for example wolves have no hands, but they can have up to 4 paw injuries.

Clicking an icon will take you to the respective Injury condition. Animal injuries are identical to human injuries in every way except icon, which is why the animal injury gallery links to the humanoid version of the debuffs.

Untreated human injuries

Minor Leg Injury.png Medium Leg Injury.png Severe Leg Injury.png Mild Hand Injury.png Hand Injury.png Severe Hand Injury.png Mild Head Injury.png Head Injury.png Severe Head Injury.png Mild Torso Injury.png Torso Injury.png Severe Torso Injury.png

Stabilized human injuries

Mild Leg Injury (Stabilized).png Leg Injury (Stabilized).png Severe Leg Injury (Stabilized).png Mild Hand Injury (Stabilized).png Hand Injury (Stabilized).png Severe Hand Injury (Stabilized).png Mild Head Injury (Stabilized).png Head Injury (Stabilized).png Severe Head Injury (Stabilized).png Mild Torso Injury (Stabilized).png Torso Injury (Stabilized).png Severe Torso Injury (Stabilized).png

Untreated animal injuries

Mild Paw Injury.png Paw Injury.png Severe Paw Injury.png Mild Animal Head Injury.png Animal Head Injury.png Severe Animal Head Injury.png Mild Animal Torso Injury.png Animal Torso Injury.png Severe Animal Torso Injury.png

Stabilized animal injuries

Mild Paw Injury (Stabilized).png Paw Injury (Stabilized).png Severe Paw Injury (Stabilized).png Mild Animal Head Injury (Stabilized).png Animal Head Injury (Stabilized).png Severe Animal Head Injury (Stabilized).png Mild Animal Torso Injury (Stabilized).png Animal Torso Injury (Stabilized).png Severe Animal Torso Injury (Stabilized).png

Pain Limit

Pain Limit is an invisible attribute that limits the maximum amount of Pain you can accumulate. The Pain Limit changes depending on your character's HP percentage. The less HP you have, the higher amount of Pain you can accumulate. By limiting your Max Health Threshold, injuries make you more susceptible to Pain.

  • At full Health, your Pain Limit starts at 25%.
  • Each missing HP percentage raises your Pain Limit by 0.75%.
  • Certain Conditions can change your Pain Limit, for example getting Drunk.

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