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Artifacts are special items which can be found in the Chests of distant Dungeons or other unique locations. Some are usable items, and some need to be in your inventory to gain their bonus. Carrying them in the Backpack will not provide the bonus.

Item Inv. slots PriceGold.png Effect Description
Blessed Aquamanile
2×2 2600 Can be activated once per day. Sates 50% Thrist, replenishes 25% Max Health, and improves Condition of each body part by 15%. A bronze jug in the form of a lion, expertly crafted on the Bronze Isles by an unknown master. Somehow this aquamanile found its way to Aldor, where it was blessed by the Archtheurgist of the High Hieron himself to serve as an eternal source of water to those dying of thirst - whenever emptied, it miraculously refills itself.
Bone Cradle
2×2 6000 While it's in your inventory, killing an enemy grants +9% Life Drain, -9% Damage Taken, and +9% Experience Gain for 9 turns, while also reducing Sanity by 6 and with 33% chance activating Unholy Blessing for 9 turns. A necromantic artifact created by mages of ancient Axonia and later rediscovered by Venemist. Picking it up instantly fills your mind with barely audible, lingering whispers in a long-dead language...
Casket with St Wald Relics
2×2 2600 Grants +30% Unholy Resistance and Immunity to the Curse effect while it's in your inventory. St Wald, one of the first Aldorian saints, left his mark in history as a great preacher and an implacable enemy of heretics and the wicked. His relics are said to possess miraculous properties, capable of warding off the evil eye and cleansing malicious curses.
Cleansing Chalice
2×2 1200 Can be filled with water.

Drinking from the chalice replenishes 10% Max Energy and removes all negative Physical and Magical effects.

Each removed effect reduces Fatigue by 1%.

Before being lost during the Crimson Plague outbreak, this ancient relic had been used in healing rituals of the High Hieron. According to rumors, it was stolen by an unknown monk, and any attempts at tracking him down proved to be unsuccessful.
Codex of the Triple Hand Order
2×2 2000 Has a 25% chance to grant Blessing for 100 turns upon killing an Undead or Proselyte enemy while it's in your inventory. This hefty tome is written in the Order's notorious code which no one has yet managed to crack. It's rumored that this book was blessed by all three Hands of the Host, and that it contains the full history of the Order and every mystery of creation they were privy to...
Crown of Benor the Dauntless
2×2 2000 Slowly restores Morale and Sanity while you have it equipped. The outstanding martial prowess of Benor the Dauntless, the last king of Sentia, earned him eternal glory. Even the Alds, his sword enemies, greatly admired his bravery. After they finally slayed the King in battle, the Alds constructed a tomb for him, where he was respectfully buried with his full royal attire.
Ethnarch's Funeral Mask
2×2 2600 Once per day negates lethal damage, while also replenishing 20% Max Health and 35% Max Energy. Ancient Axonians held a belief that many thousand years in the future all the dead would be resurrected into this world. That's why no expenses were spared on Axonians kings' burials - it was especially important to preserve the visage of deceased rulers, so that after countless centuries of waiting thay could get properly restored to their full glory.
Foremother of Snakes Statuette
2×2 2000 Can be activated once per day. Reduces intoxication by 50% and removes the effects of Bad Trip, Poisoning, Drunkenness, as well as Aftermaths from every type of drug. No one knows where this statuette came from: some belive it was made in Axonia, while others claim it to be an artifact of an even more ancient civilization. One thing can be said with certainty though: it depicts a long-forgotten goddess or high priestess, a prayer to which provides a blessing that can cure even the deadliest poisons.
Hazzun Celestial Sphere
2×3 2000 Can be activated on the surface once per day.

If activated during day time, grants one of these effects at random for 1440 turns: Sturdiness or Life Drain

If activated during night time, grants one of these effects at random for 2880 turns: Energy Drain or Receptiveness

An extraordinary large, spherical morion with a detailed celestial map inscribed on its finely-polished surface. This artifact used to hold a prominent place in the rituals of Hazzun oracles - that is until it was captured by King Etbert's soldiers during the last of the Radiant Wars.
Nikos of Arpheon's Astrolabe
2×2 1800 Can be activated on the surface once per day during night time. Grants Clear Vision for 2880 turns. Nikos of Arpheon was perhaps the greatest seafarer known to the world. He was the first one to make a successful voyage around the Continent about a century ago. Even in the eye of Southern storms or amid icebergs of the North, Nikos's unparalleled skill as a navigator allowed him to always keep his ship on the chosen course.
Tanat's Skull
2×2 2000 While it's in your inventory, grants +0.33% Miracle Chance, -0.33% Fumble Chance, and -0.33% Cooldowns Duration for each missing percent of Health. Tanats, also known as the First Martyrs, are revered by Hieronites almost as much as the Host itself. A long time ago, they sacrificed their lives to hasten the coming of the Day of Truth, and now even their relics possess a miraculous power.
The Conquest of the Hills Tapestry
4×2 2000 Grants +15% Weapon Damage and -10% Damage Taken while it's in your inventory. Conquering the Firn foothills was a major milestone for the Kingdom of Aldor. This tapestry was weaved by an unknown master to honor that grand victory, and has been considered lost until now. According to legends, whoever obtains it is destined for great accomplishments.
Barbador the Lame's Atlas of Aldor
3×2 1600 Using it reveals the terrain and certain locations across the entire global map.

While it's in your inventory, grants +20% Fatigue Resistance and +10% Energy Restoration.

The maps drawn by the renown Aldorian traveler, Barbador the Lame, are valued not only for incredible accuracy but also their powerful talismanic properties, which can fortify one's resolve during the most arduous journeys.

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