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Reputation is a measure of your acceptance by the people. Mercenaries outside of the times of war were often happy to steal and kill in order to survive, so it's no surprise that the locals view them with suspicion. Each village keeps track of your deeds in the form of reputation and acts accordingly.

Reputation types

Interface reputation tab.png
Interface reputation sources.png

There are currently two reputation types:

  • Faction reputation
  • Settlement reputation

You can access the information about reputation by opening your Journal (press J key) and switching to the Reputation tab.

Faction & Settlement reputation

There is currently very little information regarding Faction reputation. Currently, only reputation within a given Settlement has any effect on gameplay.

The Reputation Tab lists the following Factions and their Settlements:

Currently, the entirety of the Global Map is in the area controlled by the Grand Magistrate. The only in-game mention of Faction reputation is on the Heraldic Note. Using the Heraldic Note instantly awards reputation points with all Settlements that belong to the Magistrate.

Improving reputation

Reputation changes through interacting with NPCs in their respective Settlements.

Currently there are 6 reputation levels:

  • Hatred - 0
  • Resentment - 1000
  • Neutrality - 2000
  • Benevolence - 3000
  • Amity - 5000
  • Respect - 7000

All starting characters begin at Neutrality with 2500 points. To reach Benevolence, two completed contracts are required. The reputation levels are indicated in the Reputation Tab by the colored progress bar, with different color for every reputation level. The reputation points are capped at 9000.

  • Finishing a Contract in time will increase reputation with the settlement, and also slightly raise reputation (20% worth of a finished contract's reward) with other settlements of the same Faction, up to the level of Benevolence.
  • Failing to finish a contract from the village elders in time will decrease reputation with the settlement.
  • The amount of reputation gained depends on the contract and its associated Settlement. Contracts in Brynn reward more reputation than those in Osbrook.
  • Certain NPC dialogue options can increase or decrease reputation when chosen.
  • Reputation with the Rotten Willow Tavern can only be increased by interacting with L'Owcrey

Reputation effects

Reputation affects buy and sell prices for all shops in the respective Settlement and the quality and variety of available items. An item's level is it's equivalent tier; for example, if you want to buy a Wizard Staff, you need to reach Respect in Mannshire before it starts to appearing at the blacksmith.

The following table shows how reputation affects the pricing and item level bonuses:

Reputation Buying prices
(shop pays you)
Selling prices
(you pay to shop)
Max item level Stock size
(amount of items)
Hatred -15% +50% -4 no change
Resentment -5% +25% -2 no change
Neutrality - - - -
Benevolence - -10% no change +15%
Amity +2.5% -15% +4 (+6 in Brynn) +30%
Respect +5% -20% +6 (+10 in Brynn) +30%

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