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During your travels, you might run into various other travelers. A group of bandits, a pack of wolves, an abandoned cart, perhaps a travelling salesman?

Random Encounters

Each time you walk through map tiles without a Point of Interest on them, you have a chance to spawn a random encounter. Currently, the random encounter is always a group of Bandits.

  • You may encounter between 1-4 Bandits, with varying gear levels. The amount of bandits and their level depends on your character level, with high level characters encountering stronger enemies.
  • The Bandit group composition is random - sometimes you might encounter a melee group, another time a group of pyromancers.
  • The spawn of a Random Encounter is always announced by your character saying "Ambush!" or similar text, visible in the Combat Log.
  • The ambush usually consists of enemies approaching from the edge of your vision range, and usually from two or three different directions at once, making escape more difficult.
    • However, if the ambush happens at the edge of the map tile, you can easily escape to the next map tile.
  • Sometimes, you might get an "Ambush!" text warning, but no enemies appear. This happens when the Bandits run into another monster (most commonly Boars or Wolves). If you explore the map, you might find the victorius side wounded and finish them off with ease.

City of Gold update

In the devlog about Crime System, the devs mentioned that they are working on the Random Encounter system and that killing NPCs is required part of it. This suggests that some of the upcoming Random Encounters will also include NPCs, but no other specifics were shared for now.

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