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Attributes are the data that represents various statistics of player Characters, NPCs and certain objects like Containers. There are two distinctive groups of Attributes:

Primary Attributes

Primary Attributes represent the main features of the player character and are only visible for the player characters. Primary Attributes have two categories:

Stat Scores

Also called Stats, these are:


Character Statistics

These are:

Stat Points
Ability Points

Secondary Attributes

Secondary Attributes represent many different aspects of Stoneshard and are used both by player characters and by NPCs. Secondary Attributes are further split into five categories:


These are:

Main Hand Damage and Off-Hand Damage.
Weapon Damage modifier.
All weapon stats modifiers: Main Hand Efficiency and Off-Hand Efficiency.
Bodypart Damage which affects Injuries.
Armor Damage which affects Durability.
Offense: Armor Penetration, Accuracy, Crit Chance, Crit Efficiency, Counter Chance and Fumble Chance.
Expertise: Skills Energy Cost and Spells Energy Cost, Cooldowns Duration and Bonus Range.
Secondary effects: Bleed Chance, Daze Chance, Stun Chance, Knockback Chance, Immobilization Chance, Stagger Chance, Life Drain and Energy Drain.
Experience Gain modifier.


These are:

Health and healing: Health Restoration[1] and Healing Efficiency.
Energy and Energy Restoration[1].
Defense: Protection[2], Block Chance, Block Power and Block Power Recovery.
Avoidance stats: Dodge Chance, Stealth, Noise Produced, Lock-picking & Disarming and Vision.
Endurance stats: Fortitude[3], Damage Reflection[4], Bleed Resistance[2][6], Control Resistance[5], Move Resistance[5], Hunger Resistance, Intoxication Resistance, Pain Resistance and Fatigue Resistance.

[1] - Health/Energy Restoration has an invisible scale which fills by %stat value% every turn. When it hits 100%, you replenish 5% of your Health/Energy, with "extra" progress being transferred to the next cycle of restoration.
[2] - Protection and Bleed Resistance are divided by your body parts and look like this:
[3] - a Fortitude value of 100% reduces the duration of negative effects by half. If this results in a fractional value, it gets rounded to the nearest integer, i.e. 1.5 is rounded to 2. The duration of any negative effect can't be reduced below 1.
[4] - The amount of reflected damage is calculated before the Protection, Resistances and etc.
[5] - Those Resistances is capped at 75% for players.
[6] - This Resistance is capped at 80% for players.

Damage Resistance

These are:

Total Damage Taken[1].
Physical Resistance[2] which consists of Slashing Resistance, Piercing Resistance, Crushing Resistance and Rending Resistance.
Nature Resistance[2] which consists of Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance, Shock Resistance, Poison Resistance and Caustic Resistance.
Magic Resistance[2] which consists of Arcane Resistance, Unholy Resistance, Sacred Resistance and Psionic Resistance.

See Damage Types for more info about damage types.
[1] - Damage Taken capped at 25%.
[2] - All damage Resistances are divided by your bodyparts and look like this:


These are:

Total Magic Power.
Miscasting a spell: Backfire Chance and Backfire Damage.
Critical spellcasting: Miracle Chance and Miracle Potency.
Nature-based Sorcery powers: Pyromantic Power, Geomantic Power, Venomantic Power, Cryomantic Power, Electromantic Power.
Magic-based Sorcery powers: Arcanistic Power, Astromantic Power, PsionicPower and Chronomantic Power.

Health System

These are:

Health stats: Hunger, Thirst, Intoxication, Pain, Fatigue, and Immunity.
Psyche stats: Morale and Sanity.
Per-turn adjustments: Hunger Change, Thirst Change, Intoxication Change, Pain Change, Fatigue Change, Morale Change and Sanity Change.
Limits: Pain Limit, Injury Treatment and Max Health Threshold.

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