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After a dangerous battle or a prolonged journey, your character will feel tired. This is the time to rest.

Save System

Load Game screen
Load Game screen

Resting is how your character replenishes his health and energy. Resting is also incorporated into the Save System.

Stoneshard uses a unique save system. For each character you start a New Game with, you can have up to two save slots. Game automatically overwrites your older save when you create a new save - for example you can have one save in town and another before a dungeon. Each character you start a New Game with will be kept as a separate save with its own randomized NPCs, progress and saved decisions. If you create two different Arnas for example, you can have an Arna who specializes in Greatswords and focuses on Contracts, and another Arna who favors Maces and Shields and prefers hunting and destroying undead.

Saving your progress

To save your progress, your character needs to sleep. To sleep, you have to find a bed first, you cannot sleep on the ground.

Available beds:

To sleep at an Inn, you first need to pay the local innkeeper. Sleeping at camps or Unique POIs is free. Bedroll cost varies depending on your reputation with a given Town.

Exiting the game

Since the CIty of Gold update, the game is automatically saved upon pressing the "Save and exit" button in game menu. This quicksave was only added to cover situations where the player needs to turn off the device "right now". Quicksave is deleted immediately after loading. Quicksave does not overwrite your two standard save slots, instead it appears as a third save.

Before this update, player had to rest somewhere to save their progress.

Standard mode and Permadeath mode

New Game screen
New Game screen

There are currently two game modes available: Standard and Permadeath. The only difference is in the amount of lives you have - infinite lives in Standard and one life in Permadeath. You can select the Permadeath mode with a checkbox when you start a New Game. Permadeath mode is also saved on a per-character basis, so you can have one Jorgrim in Standard mode and another Jorgrim in Permadeath mode.

  • If you die in the Standard mode, the game will automatically load your last save point. Anything you did after the save point is lost, but you can continue and try again.
  • If you die in the Permadeath mode, the game will delete your save and you will not be able to continue to play your character.


Fatigue is a system that limits for how long can you keep going.

Fatigue works similarly to other Health mechanics: it can range from 0 to 100% and is generated by a variety of actions:

  • Traversing tiles
  • Attacking
  • Blocking and dodging
  • Using skills (Fatigue Gain* is 1.5% of their Energy Cost) and casting spells (Fatigue Gain* is 2.5% of their Energy Cost)

Fatigue Gain - Affects the rate of gaining Fatigue. The rate of Fatigue Gain is tied to a couple other stats: first of all, there’s Fatigue Resistance, which can be both negative and positive. Secondly, Max Energy also plays a big role - the higher it is, the longer it will be before your character gets tired.

Each percent of Fatigue lowers Max Energy Threshold by 0.75%. When reaching certain levels, it produces the following negative effects:

There are many ways to combat Fatigue:

  • The effect of Vigor, which is acquired after a good night’s sleep or by using some consumables (such as Elven Mud). It reduces Fatigue Gain and gradually lowers already existing Fatigue.
  • Many exquisite foods, which can be bought in Brynn taverns and grocery shops, can either alleviate Fatigue or reduce Fatigue Gain.
  • Some stimulant drugs might help you stay awake longer than usual: Nikkaf has a noticeable effect on Fatigue Gain, and Al’qud slowly reduces Fatigue every turn.
  • Rest Mode can provide a moment of respite after a fight.
  • And finally, the most obvious method - sleeping. Each hour of sleep significantly lowers Fatigue, which makes Bedrolls and distant camps all the more important when embarking on a long journey. Resting in more expensive taverns also has a greater restorative effect.

Effects of Sleeping

Each time you sleep in bed, the time skips forward for the selected amount of hours. While you sleep, the world around you doesn't move, but certain scripted events do happen. For example, the townsfolk will go to their homes or back to their shops depending on the time you wake up. This mechanic tries to mimic how waiting X amount of time works in other games, for example The Elder Scrolls series.

Your needs will also keep accumulating during sleep, so you will be hungry and thirsty after a long sleep, hunger being prevalent. And your fatigue also will lower.

There are a list of Brynn taverns and other PoI's with respective information about how good they are at reducing Fatigue and etc.

Stats per 1 hour of sleep
Place Fatigue Sanity & Morale Hunger Thirst Gold per 1 night
Leprosarium -6% -1% +0.6% +1.2% -
Abandoned Homestead -6% -1% +0.6% +1.2% -
Burned Watermill -6% -1% +0.6% +1.2% -
Plague Village -6% -1% +0.6% +1.2% -
Camp -6% +0.6% +0.6% +1.2% -
Lone Farmstead -6% +0.6% +0.6% +1.2% -
Distant Homestead -6% +0.6% +0.6% +1.2% -
Ransacked Homestead -6% +0.6% +0.6% +1.2% -
Oaken Barrel Brewery -9% +1.2% +0.6% +1.2% -
Bran's Cabin -9% +1.2% +0.6% +1.2% -
Black Boar Inn Osbrook -9% +1.2% +0.6% +1.2% 15
Ivy and Vine Inn Mannshire -9% +1.2% +0.6% +1.2% 15
Close Harbor Tavern Brynn -9% +1.2% +0.6% +1.2% 15
Three Pots Tavern Brynn -12% +1.5% +0.6% +1.2% 20
Rotten Willow Tavern -12% +1.5% +0.6% +1.2% 35
Ralph & Sons Inn -12% +1.5% +0.6% +1.2% 20
Watchtower Tavern Brynn -12% +1.8% +0.6% +1.2% 25
Golden Grain Inn Brynn -18% +2.4% +0.6% +1.2% 50

Maximum sleep duration

Every hour of staying awake increase the maximum sleep duration by one hour, capping at 8 possible hours of sleep. Each 5% Fatigue additionally increases this number by one hour. This means that after 8 hours of activity you’ll be able to sleep for 8 hours, and if your character is also completely exhausted, they’ll be able to stay in bed for up to 28 hours.

Sleeping in some beds also applies the Vigor buff, with duration depending on how long have you slept and if you have slept recently.

Rest Mode

Another form of Resting your character is the Rest Mode, which replenishes your Health and Energy and lowers your Fatigue at an accelerated rate by making turns pass faster. Rest Mode cannot be used to Save the game. For more info about Rest Mode, see Combat_Formulas#Rest_Mode.

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