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The Global Map is the overworld map of Stoneshard, accesed via the [M] key. When you start a new game, your map will be randomly generated and obscured by a fog of war, and only once tiles are visited they will be revealed on the main map. You will be able to purchase a paper map to see some limited part of the global map, but it will not reveal those tiles on the global map directly; thus they will still have to be explored. The player is able to travel around Aldor by foot, by paying a fee to a travelling cart (such as Ol' Tott) or, in the future, by using the caravan.

You can ask NPCs for rumors, and sometimes certain points of interest will be revealed on your map with a ? icon. You can also encounter the some points of interest directly by wandering on the map, such as the Witch's Hut or the Ruined Manor.

Travelling by foot may lead you into some random events and encounters, such as wolf attacks or ambushes.

Certain places on the global map are anchored on the same tiles (settlements and some PoIs), but everything else such as roads, rivers, lakes, PoIs and dungeons are placed and connected randomly, and thus may appear anywhere on your map - therefore each player's map will look and play slightly differently.

The current size of the map is 38x34 tiles. For now, it includes the Brynn March with one city (Brynn) and two villages (Osbrook & Mannshire) as well as other locations.

  • An example of a global map without the fog of war and point of interest icons
    • The full global map of Aldor will allegedly be 116x77 tiles.

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