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It works

personal Tooltip test

Basic tooltips

Advanced tooltips
Tooltip content
Including HTML tags

Custom tooltips – text

Custom tooltips – parse

Wikitext and Parser Functions test

1 This is a test

is not empty


Simple Tooltip test

1) This is a text with text tooltip on hover.

2) This is normal text with an icon at the end which displays a tooltip.

3) This is normal text and an image with tooltip on hover. It doesn't support changing the size of the image.

4) This is text plus image wikitext [[File:Stoneshard.png|160px|160px]] which apparently won't work. The tooltip will work though.

5) This is a text with image in the tooltip on hover.

6) This is a text with another page loaded in the tooltip on hover. It seems the tooltip has limited width as well as fixed position on top (or bottom) of the hovered text, which is undesirable (since it will go off-screen).

Conclusion: TippingOver is much better from the get-go.