Jervey vir Noms

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Jervey vir Noms Name: Jervey vir Noms

Occupation: Pawnbroker
Residence: Brynn
Sells: Mixed Goods
Money isn't the most important thing in life, my friend, but it sure makes living so much easier, he-he-he...

Jervey vir Noms is an Brynn Pawnbroker residing in the Old Town Quarter of Brynn. He is affiliated with the Grand Magistrate faction.


Jervey vir Noms can be found inside of Vir Noms' Family Pawnshop in the north-east quarter of Brynn's Old Town Quarter, right by the eastern gate of the city.


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Jervey vir Noms mainly sells many Valuables, but also offers Weapons, Armor and Jewelry.