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Maladies are a subset of conditions that are caused by diseases. Maladies and diseases are currently not in the game.

The roadmap mentions that Maladies will be added in the future.

The following information comes from the Kickstarter Kickstarter post about Maladies & Diseases pages and may be subject to changes for the release version of the game!

  • Maladies will most likely be tied to the Immunity stat from the Health system.
  • Almost everything will somehow influence your Immunity level: diet, some dungeons, attacks and spells of specific enemies, toxicity and hunger levels, alcohol and drug usage etc.
  • Different diseases have different thresholds of overcoming Immunity. Dangerous contagious diseases can break through even through relatively high Immunity. Chronic diseases and more common ailments (e.g. cold) can only get through really low Immunity level.
  • Each disease will have a predefined set of various symptoms, each functioning like a separate debuff. Almost all ailments also have several stages, during which your character will get new or more severe symptoms.
  • Coughing, for example, reduces accuracy and will cause your character to involuntarily produce noise.

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