City of Gold & Corruption

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Task Steps Description Reward
City of Gold & Corruption

Checkbox.png Find the Required Items
Checkbox.png Return to Giles

Giles vir Ivet, the Guild's bailiff at the blacksmithing workshop, was agreeable enaugh to promise me access to some of the... surplus goods.

All I have to do in return is to find a few items to liven up his desk: a gold candelabrum and an ornate inkpot. I'll also need to bring a bottle of elven ice wine to sweeten the deal.
You can buy blacksmithing goods from him in the evening.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Golden Candelabrum can be stolen either from the leatherworking bailiff's office or from the woodworking bailiff's office during the day or night, from the pawnshop during the night, at a risk of being asked by the guards, or in the rentable room in the Golden Grain Inn at any time.
  • A bottle of Elven Ice Wine can be stolen from the blacksmithing bailiff himself, at the risk of being asked by the guards. If brought to the bailiff, he will be unaware of the fact that the bottle was stolen from him.
  • Stealing the Candelabrum from the Pawnshop isn't reccomended due to the larger distance between it and the bailiff's office, and therefore a larger chance of being stopped and checked by the guards.

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