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Dodge Chance is a Secondary Attribute.

The chance to partially evade a successful melee attack, turning it into a Fumbled graze, or to completely evade an already Fumbled melee attack, negating its Damage entirely.
Dodge Chance is 50% less effective against physical and magical projectiles, but a successful dodge negates their Damage entirely.

Dodge Chance below 0% increases the Accuracy of enemy attacks.

Ways of affecting Dodge Chance

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Source Change Category Subcategory
Old Shirt +1% Armor Chestpiece
Linen Shirt +2% Armor Chestpiece
Townsman Shirt +3% Armor Chestpiece
Townsman Garment +5% Armor Chestpiece
Elven Garment +4% Armor Chestpiece
Skaar Garment +10% Armor Chestpiece
Heimdar Garment +5% Armor Chestpiece
Fur Vest +2% Armor Chestpiece
Leather Vest +2% Armor Chestpiece
Doublet +2% Armor Chestpiece
Duelist Doublet +3% Armor Chestpiece
Pourpoint +3% Armor Chestpiece
Gambeson -4% Armor Chestpiece
Magistrate Gambeson -4% Armor Chestpiece
Long Gambeson -6% Armor Chestpiece
Lamellar Quilted Coat -7% Armor Chestpiece
Mirror Quilted Coat -10% Armor Chestpiece
Royal Ranger Gambeson -4% Armor Chestpiece
Fjall Armor -10% Armor Chestpiece
Skadian Yushman -10% Armor Chestpiece
Mail -6% Armor Chestpiece
Magistrate Mail -6% Armor Chestpiece
Hauberk -10% Armor Chestpiece
Light Brigandine -7% Armor Chestpiece
Sergeant Brigantine -16% Armor Chestpiece
Elven Brigandine -15% Armor Chestpiece
Plate Cuirass -20% Armor Chestpiece
Jousting Armor -15% Armor Chestpiece
Knightly Armor -18% Armor Chestpiece
Aldwynn Cuirass -25% Armor Chestpiece
Chronomancer Mantle +5% Armor Chestpiece
Der Vyrne Heirloom Cuirass -8% Armor Chestpiece
Ceremonial Cuirass -20% Armor Chestpiece
Vagabond Knight Cuirass -25% Armor Chestpiece
Velmir's Embroidered Caftan +3% Armor Chestpiece
Waistband +1% Armor Belt
Leather Belt +1% Armor Belt
Footman Girdle +1% Armor Belt
Fancy Belt +3% Armor Belt
Ruby Sash +4% Armor Belt
Peasant Shoes +1% Armor Boots
Pointy Shoes +2% Armor Boots
Travelling Shoes +3% Armor Boots
Town Shoes +5% Armor Boots
Riding Boots +4% Armor Boots
Duelist Boots +2% Armor Boots
Splinted Boots -2% Armor Boots
Sergeant Greaves -5% Armor Boots
Knightly Sabatons -8% Armor Boots
Aldwynn Sabatons -10% Armor Boots
Board Shield -5% Armor Shield
Oaken Shield -5% Armor Shield
Dwarven Shield -5% Armor Shield
Round Shield -5% Armor Shield
Nomad Kalkan -3% Armor Shield
Orient Shield -5% Armor Shield
Heavy Kalkan -7% Armor Shield
Maaf Shield -7% Armor Shield
Relict Shield -7% Armor Shield
Thousand-Faced Shield -7% Armor Shield
Heater Shield -10% Armor Shield
Kite Shield -15% Armor Shield
Nistrian Shield -5% Armor Shield
Skadian Shield -15% Armor Shield
Huscarl Shield -15% Armor Shield
Nomad Adarga -5% Armor Shield
Long Shield -15% Armor Shield
Joust Shield -10% Armor Shield
Rider Shield -5% Armor Shield
Knightly Shield -10% Armor Shield
Raven Heater Shield -6% Armor Shield
Tower Shield -25% Armor Shield
Heavy Shield -20% Armor Shield
Reinforced Shield -20% Armor Shield
Brynn Pavesa -30% Armor Shield
Defensive Shield -20% Armor Shield
Orient Tower Shield -40% Armor Shield
Guardian Shield -25% Armor Shield
Rigild's Redemption -20% Armor Shield
Defensive Shield -2% Armor Shield
Defensive Shield -2% Armor Shield
Worn Cloak +2% Armor Cloak
Travelling Cape +6% Armor Cloak
Occult Cloak +4% Armor Cloak
Azure Cape +4% Armor Cloak
Jousting Cloak +2% Armor Cloak
Lumberjack Axe -3% Weapon Two-Handed Axe
Hand Amulet +3% Jewelry Amulet
Agility +0.5% / pt Attribute Primary