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Junk are items that you can safely throw away. You'll barely get any money for them, and most of them have no use.

Item Inv. slots PriceGold.png Properties Description
2×1 1 Can be ground to bonedust. Won't even interest a dog.
2×2 3 Can be ground to bonedust. Surprisingly well preserved.
Rib Cage
2×2 2 Can be ground to bonedust. Handy for anatomy lessons.
Pelvic Bone
2×2 2 Can be ground to bonedust. Someone's legs used to be attached to it.
Bone Foot
1×2 1 Can be ground to bonedust. It crumbles to dust in your hands.
Coal Chunk
1×1 10 Over the last few years coal has greatly dropped in price.
2×1 3 The most useful item in every household.
1×1 10 An old horseshoe, either misplaced by accident or used as a good luck charm.
1×2 3 Every landlady has one of these.
2×1 3 A common clay plate covered in web of scratch marks and small fractures.
1×1 3 This pot used to hold something tasty.
1×2 6 Judging by the shiny handle, this ladle hasn't been sitting idly.
2×1 3 Be careful when loading this on a camel.
1×1 3 This candle won't last long.
Simple Earrings
1×1 10 The best jewelry a peasant woman can hope for.
2×2 4 Can be used to haul some cool well water on a hot day.
1×1 3 Peasant women try to keep their hair well groomed to the best of their modest means.
2×1 3 A wooden bowl, dark from cooking fat.
1×2 3 Would be much more preferable if it was filled to the brim with foamy ale...
1×1 10 Can't do without nails these days.
Travel Pot
2×2 20 A fine pot like this can be used to cook many things: porridge, meat, soup...
Copper Candlestick
1×2 20 A transition step between a rushlight and an expensive candelabrum.

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