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This one is a little rough. Basically this template takes the latest edit timestamp, converts it to a number using the #time function and then we compare that number with the date when a patch was released. I'm inputting the patch dates manually, and I take them from the News section on Steam.

If the last page revision happened AFTER the patch date (ie. REVISIONTIMESTAMP > patch date is true), it returns the patch number.

If the last page revision happened BEFORE the patch date (ie. REVISIONTIMESTAMP > patch is false), it moves on to previous patch date and runs the same check again.

Adding new patch:

1) Edit the Template:Patch notes page, add these lines on a new line after ''Last edited during patch:''

{{#ifexpr: {{#time: xNU|{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}} > {{#time: xNU|date of patch release, using format YYYYMMDD}}
| patch number

2) Edit the patch number and date of patch release in the lines you just added. Example: Patch was released on 20.02.2020, so the date should be 20200220

3) Then find the line with many brackets:

}} }} }} }} }} }}

4) Now add new brackets at the end.