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Quivers are special bags that can be equipped in the off-hand slot when Bows or Crossbows are equipped in your main hand slot. Quivers can only store Ammo and their slots are shaped in such a way. Their primary purpose is to save inventory space for ranged combatants. If a quiver contains multiple Ammo types at once, a context menu allows for quick-swapping between different Ammo types.

picture of quiver filled with multiple ammo types, then another picture or gif showing them swapping places

  • Each quiver slot can store one stack of Ammo, regardless of how many arrows are currently in the stack.
  • When picking up Ammo from the ground, it will automatically go into an empty slot in your Quiver OR into a stack of the same Ammo type that isn't full.
  • When your equipped Quiver is full, picked up Ammo from the ground will start stacking in your inventory, even if you have another Quiver in your inventory that isn't full.
  • Opening the Quiver inventory takes a turn. Moving Ammo from/to Quiver inventory doesn't take a turn.
  • Quick-swapping Ammo types doesn't take a turn.
  • The leftmost Ammo stack is always used first when firing or reloading.
  • All arrow quivers occupy 2×3 inventory slots while all bolt quivers occupy 2×2 inventory slots.

Quiver Size Arrows PriceGold.png
2 stacks Leather Quiver

Leather Quiver

3 stacks Soldier's Quiver

Soldier's Quiver

3 stacks Ornate Quiver

Ornate Quiver

4 stacks Eastern Quiver

Eastern Quiver

Quiver Size Bolts PriceGold.png
2 stacks Crude Bolt Quiver

Crude Bolt Quiver

3 stacks Leather Bolt Quiver

Leather Bolt Quiver

3 stacks Soldier's Bolt Quiver

Soldier's Bolt Quiver

4 stacks Reinforced Bolt Quiver

Reinforced Bolt Quiver