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A tasty chunk of meat, a soothing drink, a mixture to help your hangover, a bandage to close your wounds, or herbs that help you stay sane. Welcome to the enormous world of consumables.

Consumables are important to your survival. Depending on your next journey, you should carry sufficient amounts of consumables. A proper adventurer should always have some food, water, bandages and several other items for various circumstances. Striking the right balance between what you bring to the dungeon and what you bring back is what makes an experienced adventurer. If you're low on money, collecting Herbs is a free option to cover multiple conditions like Pain and Intoxication. On the other hand, investing into healing salves and antitoxins may help save inventory space.

Your primary source of all types of consumables is the town and its various NPCs. Some consumables can drop in the dungeon, and some can be found out in the wilderness. Choose a specific consumable type from the table above for more information.

Beverages Food Herbs Ingredients Materials Medicine Potions Scrolls Tools & Traps

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