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The fastest way to find common ground in Aldor. Too bad crowns haven't had much gold in them for quite a while.

Crowns Crowns.png are the currency used in the world of Stoneshard.

  • Crowns can be obtained by selling items, completing contracts, from looting chests, graves or sarcophagi, or as drop from enemies, crates and barrels.
  • Crowns are stored as 1×1 pile in your inventory. One pile of Crowns can hold up to 100 Crowns.
  • If there is an unfilled Purse in your inventory, any Crowns you obtain will be placed into the Purse rather than into a pile of Crowns.
  • Crowns are also visible as piles in the merchant inventories. If any merchant runs out of Crowns, he won't purchase any goods from you until he has enough Crowns.

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