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Can be used to store coins.

The heavier it is, the lighter your worries.


Purse is a 1×2 size bag that automatically stores Crowns. Purse cannot be equipped, it is simply carried in the inventory. One Purse can store up to 2000 Crowns.

  • If you have a purse in your inventory that isn't full, any Crowns you obtain (by looting chests, completing contracts or selling items) are automatically placed into the Purse.
  • If you already have Crowns in your inventory and then you obtain a Purse, you have to manually put the Crowns into the Purse.
  • When purchasing items, first the game will use any Crowns placed freely in your inventory before using Crowns from inside a Purse in your inventory.
  • The game will NOT use Crowns from a Purse if the Purse is stored in the Backpack or in the Inn Chest.
  • If you have multiple Purses, the Crowns will be stored to or taken from the leftmost Purse in your inventory.
  • You can right-click and Merge two Purses together, this will move all Crowns from one Purse into the other.
    In case there are too many Crowns in the first Purse, the second Purse will fill up to the limit, and the rest of the Crowns will remain in the first Purse.
  • You can remove Crowns from a non-empty Purse by choosing "Open" from the item's context menu, which will open the purse as a container.
  • Purse as a container has 5×4 inventory slots that can be filled only with Crowns.

Tip: After you resupply for another journey, store your filled Purses in the Inn Chest. You need just one empty Purse with you to store all Crowns you will find on your next journey.

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