Seize the Initiative

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Seize the Initiative
Seize the Initiative
Target Object

Delivers a strike to the target's least protected body part. A successful hit grants the attacker 2 stacks of "Seized Initiative":

+3% Accuracy
+3% Counter Chance
-3% Fumble Chance
-5% Cooldowns Duration

The target is applied with 2 stacks of "Initiative Loss", negatively affecting the same stats.

When the attacker uses a targeted or an area of effect skill, they gain a stack of "Seized Initiative" and apply a stack of "Initiative Loss" to the target (up to 5 stacks).
When these abilities are used by the target, it removes a stack of "Initiative Loss" from itself and a stack of "Seized Initiative" from the attacker.

The effect can only be active on one target at a time as long as it's alive, remains within Vision, and isn't fleeing.

Hidden bonus:
This attack has
+15% Accuracy
Passive bonus:
-2.5% Cooldowns Duration for this ability tree

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  • When a bow/crossbow is equipped, this skill has range equal to your ranged weapon range.
  • When a spear is equipped, this skill has range of 2 tiles.
  • When any other weapon type is equipped, this skill has range of 1 tile.