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This page contains a list of tasks that are planned for the wiki.


  • Update the Quests section
  • Finish all Item sections
  • Do a FULL CHECK of every single skill page
  • Finish/Update the Enemies section
  • Solve what to do with auto-sorting of Properties on Consumables
  • Update the Status Effect page, create a better sorting for statuses
  • Automatic categories generated from templates. Preferably before or together with the switch to DATA page based templates.
  • Unify Patch Notes (Template:Navigation + Template:Patchnotes_Navbox use same info, Template:Patch notes different data about the same thing.)
  • Remove old color templates and fix all pages that still use them.
  • Collect game mechanics explanations from dev answers to random discord questions and add them to pages :)
  • Replace Conditions with Status Effect everywhere
  • Tables are inflexible, replace them with flexible div structures
  • Remake categories according to new frontpage categorization
  • Unify Enemies categories under one category
  • Collect information about any upcoming features
  • Add images of how items look when worn
  • Expand the Lore section
  • Improve Categorization
  • Cleanup
  • Optimize all images
  • Add image2x to Vector as another table class and document existing table classes in the Community Portal

and more...

Finished tasks

  • New Main Page
  • Fix food, remove uses: 1 and rework freshness into "Will spoil in X days"
  • Shrink Enemy tooltips (show less attributes)
  • Fix mobile view (apparently got broken after Gamepedia->Fandom migration) Apparently I can't edit mobile CSS + the new frontpage fixes it.
  • Update all Skill sections
  • Use the new table layout and styling for all tables
  • Remove extra table css so that they use the stoneshard class where applicable

If you want something added to the wiki, send us Feedback or visit our Discord