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Relic Seeker
Unique Trait:

Verren the Relic Seeker is a playable character in the Stoneshard tutorial and in Stoneshard: Prologue demo.
In the Adventure mode, Verren is an important NPC.

Race - Human (Aldor)

Despite sharing a common culture, humans of Aldor are now more divided than ever. A multitude of political conflicts between the kingdom's estates has plunged the country into a prolonged civil war, barely contained by a shaky truce.


Verren is the most famous artifact and relic hunter in Aldor. Over the years he earned himself a reputation of a reliable contractor who had never failed in his task. Despite his age, Verren retained exceptional strength and vigor, but the thoughts of retiring visit him more and more often.

Before committing to that decision, he decided to take the last, the most lucrative contract - and so Verren accepted a job from Gwynnel the alchemist, setting him on a chase for mysterious Stoneshards.

Stoneshard tutorial

In Stoneshard tutorial (and in Stoneshard: Prologue demo), Verren finds himself locked up in a cell during the search for Stoneshards. Players take control of Verren and learn how to play the game while attempting to escape the dungeon and save Verren's people.


In Stoneshard, Verren calls upon the player character to help him out in a tough spot and possibly assist in unraveling the mysteries behind the Stoneshards. After player character's arrival in Osbrook, Verren meets the player in the Inn and explains what happened during the events of Stoneshard tutorial. Verren offers the player a ring and tasks him to obtain a Carriage. Talking with Verren explains the story of how he started searching for the Stoneshards. After this task is completed, Verren serves as the Carriage driver and unlocks fast travelling between Towns for the player.



Verren, one of those famous people you can tell nothing about. Usually laconic and silent, he makes the impression of a tough man. But those who managed to get to know the old caravaneer mention the amazing breadth of his soul and courage, which you do not often see nowadays.

Verren avoids any mention of his childhood and youth, so that his past is hidden by a veil of secrecy. Some say that he lost his family soon after the fall of the last dynasty, and was left on the street in complete poverty. However, he managed to pull himself out of the bottom of the pit, thanks to incredible cheerfulness and determination. Years passed, he has tried many crafts - from field work to mercenarism and smuggling. Word is, he used to work alongside the rogue Grey Army, well, Verren himself persistently denies these rumors.

One day he found himself in trading artifacts, ancient treatise and other magic stuff. After becoming quite fortunate, Verren invested everything in the caravan and built an extensive network of informers and useful acquaintances, from Aldor to Jade Kingdoms.

Thanks to Verren's reputation, being a man of his word, he never lacks work. No matter how big the problem is, it'd roll off his back. Even in the most darkest days, you could see Verren's caravan driving across Aldor, no doubt, hunting another artifact.

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  • Verren used to own a house in Brynn, but that was a long time ago. This is one of the reasons why Verren wants to maintain the Caravan and camps outside the walls.

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