One-Eyed Wigmar

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One-Eyed Wigmar Name: One-Eyed Wigmar

Occupation: Innkeeper
Residence: Rotten Willow Tavern

One-Eyed Wigmar is the innkeeper of the Rotten Willow Tavern


One-Eyed Wigmar tending the bar

One-Eyed Wigmar runs the Rotten Willow Tavern

Unlocking the Fence

After you reach Benevolence Reputation, you can trigger a special cutscene dialogue that unlocks access to Skinflint Homs.

To trigger the cutscene, Wigmar needs to be standing behind the tavern counter (not in front of it), and you need to walk up to the tavern counter. This cutscene can only happen during daytime. The simplest way to reach the correct time of day is to sleep at Rotten Willow. If you arrived at night, you can still talk to him to rent a bed - check upstairs.


One-Eyed Wigmar buys:

One-Eyed Wigmar sells: