Rotten Willow Tavern

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Coat of arms of Rotten Willow Tavern

The Rotten Willow Tavern is located north of Mannshire. It is owned and run by One-Eyed Wigmar, the Innkeeper.

  • Most noteworthy occupants are:


The Rotten Willow is frequented by people who aren't welcome anywhere else: thieves, brigands, deserters, and other rabble. Although the tavern's location isn't exactly well-known, it's not much of a secret either. Apparently, the Magistrate's officials get a cut of its profits, turning a blind eye to the existence of this crime den in return.

Inn Prices

Renting a room to use the bed costs varying amounts depening on your stay:

  • 35 crowns / day
  • 210 crowns / week [30 cr/d]
  • 350 crowns / 2 weeks [25 cr/d]