Skinflint Homs

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Skinflint Homs Name: Skinflint Homs

Occupation: Fence
Residence: Brynn
Why, hello. What brings you here?

Skinflint Homs is an Fence can sell stolen goods to in the Docks Quarter of Brynn. He is affiliated with the Grand Magistrate faction.


Skinflint Homs can be found in a building just north of the Close Harbor Tavern in the Docks Quarter of Brynn. This building is inaccessible until you reach Benevolence Reputation with the Rotten Willow Tavern and trigger a cutscene with One-Eyed Wigmar.


Wearing Verren's Ring when talking to Skinflint Homs will trigger a special dialogue and he will then offer price discounts for both his goods and services.


Skinflint Homs sells a wide variety of items.


Skinflint Homs offers to give your character leads, which are Rumors the player can learn for a sum of money.

Leads the player can ask for :

  • Abandoned forts and dungeons : ?
  • Camps : 200 when discounted
  • Hunting grounds : 350 when discounted
  • You heard any exciting rumors lately? : Random type of rumor, 500 when discounted