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Coat of arms of Osbrook

The village of Osbrook is a small rural community in the kingdom of Aldor. It has been under the protection of the Grand Magistrate in recent times, resulting in relative peace for the populace. Nevertheless, frequent bandit attacks make life perilous for travelers in the dense forests around town and rumours about skulking undead circulate among the locals. The woodlands surrounding Osbrook are rich in game of all breeds and sizes, and ruins of once proud strongholds dot the landscape, providing perfect hideouts for brigands.

Town Map of Osbrook (click to enlarge)


A thoroughly unassuming village which lives off its mill and wheat fields. The war went past these hinterlands, leaving almost no traces in its wake -and the local folks wouldn't take it any other way.


Places of Interest

Market stalls in the village center
Home of Odar, the village elder


Some of these NPCs can be missing due to an incomplete contract.

In addition to named NPCs above, there are also randomized NPCs:

  • 1 Sergeant (sitting in the Village Hall)
  • 6 Guards (3 guarding and 3 sleeping)
  • 4 Peasants (3 working in the fields, 1 at the market)
  • 1 Female Innkeeper (cleaning at the inn)

Their names are selected randomly for each playthrough.


  • The well at the market square can be used for drinking and filling up the waterskin
  • After each game reload, an apple appears on the table on the top story of the Black Boar Inn, outside the player's room
  • Upon completing the "Captured Merchant" contract, Bert opens up a new stall on the market square, offering a rich variety of goods including Treatises
  • The meadow near Osbrook mill is dotted with medicinal herbs


  • Hapless Peasant
  • Captured Merchant
  • Captive Emissary
  • Return of the Necromancer
  • Stolen Grimoire
  • Lost Relic
  • Source of Corruption
  • Mysterious Glow
  • Unholy Ritual
  • Bandit's Den
  • Mysterious Disappearances
  • Stolen Goods
  • Intercepted Reports
  • Alchemy Kit
  • Fugitive's Hand
  • Stolen Reliquary