Forest Viper

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Forest Viper
Level 1 Beast
Forest Viper
Health: 10
Energy: 50

3 Piercing
15 Poison

Head 0
Body 0
Arms 0
Legs 0

Poison 75%

Defensive stats
Block Chance 0%
Bleed Res. 25%
Pain Res. 0%
Block Power 0
Control Res. 0%
Fortitude 0%
Dodge Chance 75%
Move Res. -50%

Offensive stats
Crit Chance 0%
Counter Chance 0%
Stun Chance 0%
Knockb. Chance 0%
Life Leech 0%
Vision 4
Crit Efficiency ×1
Bleed Chance 0%
Daze Chance 0%
Immob. Chance 0%
Energy Leech 0%
Bonus Range 0
Accuracy 75%
Fumble Chance 30%
Stagger Chance 0%
Magic Power 100%
Armor Pen. 0%
Bodypart Dmg 0%

STR: 5
AGL: 16
PRC: 10
VIT: 5
WIL: 2

Faction: carnivore
Size: tiny
XP: 5

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The forest viper's bite is deadly. However, it only attacks when disturbed.
The forest viper's bite is deadly. However it only attacks when disturbed.


SkillBasic StatsDescription
Snake Stealth
Snake Stealth
Snakes hide in the grass, only attacking when encroached upon.

Snakes can be spotted with high Perception or by using "Examine Surroundings".

Possible Loot

After Skinning if it's skin has not been cut, 1 Snake Skin can also be obtained.

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