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Coat of arms of Mannshire

The village and fort of Mannshire is just slightly bigger than the village of Osbrook. During the war, the local castle was besieged by The Council and the surrounding village and wineyard were completely razed to the ground. The Grand Magistrate sees Mannshire as an important foothold, which is why, once the siege was lifted, several skilled craftsmen were brought over from Brynn to rebuild the village and winery.

The nearby Signal Tower was built by one of Aldor's rulers to quickly relay messages across the realm, but under governor Weber vir Lecri an Ancient Troll decided to make it their new home after slaughtering the garrison.


The Mannshire Fort had seen a lot of brutal action during the war, resulting in almost complete destruction of this once prosperous vineyard village.

Only recently the Grand Magistrate bothered to rebuild it, bringing settlers from other villages to Mannshire.


Places of Interest

Mannshire Church
the Chapel


  • Sergeant & Guards


  • Unar is one of the survivors of the siege of Mannshire's fort, as he claims in conversations with the player. He also served the previous lineage of Mannshire's rulers, the der Reeds.
  • Its possible that Hilda, Lotar and Frida are also survivors of the siege.
    • Hilda is incredibly old and senile, so its very unlikely she would've been part of the party sent to rebuild the village.
    • Frida can be seen mourning over a grave in the cemetery adjoining Mannshire's chapel, while Lotar drinks his sorrows away. Since a mourner and an alcoholic are of little use in reconstructing a settlement, it's likely they survived the siege while losing their families, which destroyed their psyche.

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